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Art Gallery of Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Yes, I was told I couldn't take photos in the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  I couldn't help it and when you have a bride who can just stop and stand perfectly posed at a moments notice it's easy to snap a photo without interrupting the flow of the gallery.  I completely understand them not wanting flash set up and entourage of people and photos shoots per say to happen in the gallery, but I was taking these kinds of photos and I wasn't asked to stop.  

I love photographing weddings in urban chic locations.  The Art Gallery of Hamilton was gorgeous inside but outside was too.  Right downtown Hamilton where this couple worked we went for a walk after the ceremony and photographed with all the old historic buildings that meant something to this neighbourhood and this couple.  

Location: Art Gallery of Hamilton 123 King Street West, Hamilton ON, L8P 4S8.

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