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Frances Morency Photography

The Bear Bison Inn Canmore, Alberta Wedding First Dance

The Bear and Bison Inn Canmore, Alberta Wedding First Dance.

The Bear Bison Inn Canmore, Alberta Wedding First Dance

The AWARD WINNING IMAGE with The Rockies as your backdrop for your wedding is epic in itself. But, doing the choreographed Tango as you first dance is pretty special too.

I was able to photograph the first dance from the loft balcony at this venue. The Bear and Bison Inn provided accommodations for the guest as well as a reception space for the wedding. The Canmore area was a stunning location for photography and even though it rained lightly we were able to get gorgeous images to commemorate this day in Canmore.

Canadian Rockies Wedding Photographer

After the "first look" we noticed the weather was starting to turn so we decided to head off to a couple locations for photos before the rain started. With a small intimate wedding timelines are easily changed and adjusted according to events of the day. The chef of " The Bear and Bison Inn" told me about a couple epic locations nearby with stellar views. This is a small clearing in a subdivision of townhomes just around the corner from the Inn. I couldn't believe we had this view by just stepping walking down a path in between 2 homes on a hill. The dramatic sky and the light produced some amazing images for my couple. Then I asked them to just practice their first dance on the hill coming down for the location with the view . I take as many opportunities to photograph my couples when we have limited time. Marwanda Estates Wedding PhotographerHere, with my 85mm 1.4, I asked my bride to crouch down while I stood on a boulder to photograph a portrait of her while we waited for the groom to arrive. Canmore Destination Wedding Photographer

Another portrait in that epic light with the view and all I did was ask them to hold each other in as many different ways as possible.

Rocky Mountain Alberta Wedding Photographer

Photographing them coming down the hill with the "three sisters" in the background. Bride and Groom Portrait in the Woods Canmore

I took this photo when we were playing the "how many ways can you hold each other game" . Again, we are in the subdivision here with just a forest in the background. Bear and Bison Inn Wedding Photos

Remember that boulder I stood on to photograph the brides portrait above? When the groom arrived I asked them to just snuggle together and take turns looking at me but keep your heads attached. I crouched down on the ground and shooting up to hide the row of townhomes behind them.

Location: The Bear and Bison Inn 705 Benchlands Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 3G9.

Keywords: bear (6), bison (6), intimate (9), rockies (6), rustic (6). 1/160; f/5.6; ISO 2000; 31.0 mm.

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