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Frances Morency Photography

Belcroft Estates Sunset Photo with Bride and Groom

Heather A, married on 17/03/2018

5.0 *****

Frances was so much more than a wedding photographer to us

Frances was easily the best decision we made for our wedding.

I have to admit, when we were originally looking for a wedding photographer, it had felt like it was just another thing to cross off on our wedding planning check-box for us. That is until we met Frances...

The way she worked with us to optimize the schedule in advance of the day. The way she showed up with this infectious energy. The way she managed her time, and got the details right. Rest assured, she will find the shot even in the briefest of moments, and in outdated hotel rooms.

Oh, and then we saw the photos.

I wasn't expecting to feel the way I did! It took me by surprise.

I find myself sneaking glimpses of the photos at work. Showing everyone proudly. Reflecting on the real-life moments through the photos.

She was so much more than a wedding photographer to us, and I am so appreciative that there are talented, motivated people like her out there.


Thank you so much Heather. We never had a chance to work together at an engagement session which makes it a little more difficult on the wedding day, but you guys were naturals in front of the camera despite the freezing cold......cudos to the both of you for a wonderful wedding day experience.
stay fabulous
frances & melissa

Sent on 29/03/2018 Validated

About this photo......

The timing of the day doesn't always work for golden hour or sunset photography. I keep my eye on it though throughout the evening. I will always ask my couples first if they want to go out for 2 minutes to grab the photo.

Most of the time this is during speeches or the meal so planning an epic sunset photo can be difficult. If we miss the sunset then I opt for a striking night photo with the venue in the background.

In this case, weather was a factor and I knew I only had about a minute or so for this shot. It was very cold to be outside for any longer without a coat on.

Location: Belcroft Estates 2539 14 Line, Gilford, ON L0L 1R0.

1/200; f/16.0; ISO 1600; 58.0 mm.

108 Gordon Crescent, Meaford, ON N4L 0A9 - (416) 526-2005 francesmorency@gmail.com

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