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Caledon Photographer at Tented Wedding in Corn Field

Caledon Photographer at Tented Wedding in Corn Field

I met this beautiful couple on this property the first time for their engagement session. I was happy to have done and engagement session because we didn't have time for many portraits on the very hectic wedding day.

The property has an incredible pond with boat that we used for the engagement, but I really wanted to use if with a bride and groom but alas, it's not my day and a wedding day is not a photo shoot. I have to abide by my clients wishes and if they want to have fun at the cocktail party happening without them instead of doing portraits then their wish is granted.

I was able to photograph them on the walk back towards the cocktail area and ask them to give me ten minutes during their reception and golden hour for some more portrait opportunities. They agreed to that off they went to mingle with guests.

Location: Tottenham, Ontario.

Keywords: corn (9), Golden hour (63), tented (18).

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