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Cambium Farm Wedding Photographer

Bridesmaids photos in a few different ways.

I schedule 20 minutes during wedding days to photograph the whole bridal party.

I photograph all of them as a group and then I split them up and photograph the groomsmen and then the bridesmaids. If time allows I'll do individuals as well.

Here are some examples of bridesmaids photos.

The Club at Bond Head Wedding Photo of BridesmaidsI photographed the bridesmaids here at the tunnel on the property of the Club at Bond Head. I asked all the girls to turn in different directions and then hold hands. I then took a camera aware portrait and a portrait of them looking at each other.

Bridesmaids with Antique Cars at Pheasant Run Golf Wedding I photographed the bridesmaids here with the antique cars present at the ceremony at Pheasant Run Golf and spread them out evenly across the front for a camera aware portrait. I started this way because I knew I wanted to insert the boys next and this was a great transition for that group photo.

Muskoka Cottage Wedding Photography A hot, bright sunny day with bridesmaids portrait taken on a cute property in Muskoka with 3 different buildings on site. I photographed the girls here at high noon with very contrasty light by putting then in the shade on the porch.

Bridesmaids Photo in Reflection at The Gladstone HotelEvery grouping I photograph, I capture a camera aware portrait and a looking at each other portrait to see what kind of reactions I can get and then if space allows a walking photograph. This indoor space at The Gladstone Hotel was one of our options as we were stuck indoors during this winter wedding so I got creative with a photograph framed on the wall as a reflection.

Location: Cambium Farms 18333 Winston Churchill Blvd, Caledon, ON L7K 1J3.

Keywords: barn (27), Caledon (54), cambium (3), farm (36), Pink (18). 1/400; f/8.0; ISO 5000; 122.0 mm.

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