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Frances Morency Photography

Creative Toronto Wedding Photographer

Creative Toronto Wedding Photographer

1 lens, 5 minutes, 1 location with an experienced photographer can get you a variety of creative images you'll love.

We just finished the ceremony and went outside with everyone and started family formal portraits. Before we left for a walk around the city of Toronto with the bridal party, the bride asked if we could go back inside the church to take pictures with the window.

I was pleasantly surprised after the priest unlocked the staircase to the belfry and the bride took me to this wonderful corner of the church with this spectacular circular window.

Now, I knew I only had a few minutes since everyone was waiting outside and the church wanted to lock its doors. I used my trusty 24-70mm lens and was able to photograph my couple in the exact same location from different angles to capture as many images as possible in a short amount of time.

Here are 4 images shot and edited in 4 different ways.

Toronto Wedding Photography at Church Ceremony

St. Mary's Parish Toronto Wedding Photographer

St. Mary's Parish Wedding Photography by Window

Location: St. Mary's Parish, St. Mary's Parish 130 Bathurst Street Toronto, On. M5V 2R2.

Keywords: Chuch (3). 1/100; f/4.5; ISO 1100; 40.0 mm.

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