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Creative Wedding Photographer

Creative Wedding Photographer

The Millcroft Inn and Spa was covered in ice during the 2016 ice storm and closed to the general public. They managed to run the main inn on a backup generator and the wedding was able to go on during this tragic event.

As a photographer, I was beyond excited to photograph this couple during such an epic storm.

2016 March Ice Storm in Caledon


What I wanted most was a photographer who could go with the flow and offer us candid shots while making us, and our guests, feel comfortable. Frances and her assistant were down to earth, easy to work with and got the most out of our day. The photos are amazing and just what we were looking for. I was a set it and forget it kind of bride, offering very little direction to Frances. The photos we received clearly showed she was adaptable and on the same wavelength.

The Millcroft Inn & Spa is so special it deserves a pro photographer to make the most of this location. The waterfall, the lake, the barn, the forest and the light at this venue changes with every season.

I have photographed many many weddings at The Millcroft as a preferred vendor and know all the best spots for quick and efficient photography on your wedding day.

This wedding day was suddenly struct by an ice storm the week leading up to the wedding day. With all the guests arriving on Friday evening the wedding was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. The Millcroft Inn and Spa cancelled all their weekend reservations because they had NO electrical power except for wedding guests. The Millcroft accommodated everyone in the main Inn which had power supplied by a generator.

The wedding guests essentially had the Millcroft Inn and Spa to themselves for the weekend.

The waterfall is so special weather it's winter, spring, summer or fall weddings. this wedding venue has something for everyone.

Make your way to the back of the lake for a photo with the historic Millcroft Inn & Spa as your backdrop. It's a short walk to the epic location and a great time for a little alone time with your new husband.

A gorgeous barn on the property for the rustic wedding brides who love a little country in their photos. The Millcroft Inn can be any style you like. Photography at this venue will definitely reflect the style of your wedding day.

Vintage Hotels Wedding Photographer

I arrived late morning to capture the tail end of bride getting ready. I knew that the sun was about to come out and when it did all the ice crystals on the trees would be gone. I asked my couple, since they were dressed if they would like to split their portrait time in half. I really wanted to document this day in a way that showed the ice storm as a feature for them to remember instead of the fact that is almost stalled their wedding.

As predicted the sun came out and the ice crystals started melting and falling off the trees. I photographed them with the light behind them so that it would shine through the ice and sparkle.

In the forest where the sun hadn't been yet you would see the ice on the pine trees at The Millcroft Inn in Caledon.

Winter Wedding Photography at The Millcroft Inn

Winter Wedding at The Millcroft Inn

It turned out to be such a warm March day for this wedding and the light was gorgeous throughout their portrait sessions.

We followed the first half of the portrait session with their indoor wedding ceremony in the Erin room before going back outside for family and bridal party photos.

Millcroft Inn ceremony in the Erin room

Erin room wedding ceremony at The Millcroft Inn

Best Millcroft Inn & Spa Wedding Photographer

Night Photography at The Millcroft Inn and Spa


Location: The Millcroft Inn & Spa 55 John St, Alton, ON L7K 0C4, Canada.

Keywords: 2016 ice storm (3), Caledon (60), millcroft (27). 1/1250; f/3.5; ISO 800; 200.0 mm.

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