1. Trinity College Engagement Photographer
  2. Mono Cliffs Engagement Photo with Girl in Red Skirt
  3. Owen Sound Engagement Photography on a Farm
  4. Toronto Airport Pre-Wedding Engagement Photographer
  5. Albion Falls Hamilton Sunset Pre-Wedding Photography
  6. Collingwood Engagement Session with Couple in Plaid
  7. Collingwood Wedding Photographer at Waterfront with Dog
  8. Toronto Airport Pre-Wedding Photographer
  9. Owen Sound Engagement at Dusk in Historic Downtown
  10. Best Hamilton Engagement Photography Neighbourhoods
  11. Barrie Engagement Photography at Waterfront & Downtown
  12. Orangeville Wedding Photographer at Island Lake
  13. Markdale Engagement and Wedding Photographer
  14. Yorkville Engagement Photography on Silver Chairs
  15. Grand Valley Engagement Photography in the Winter
  16. Top Owen Sound Engagement Photographer in a Park
  17. Pre-Wedding photography in Paris at Dusk
  18. Yorkville Engagement Photography in a busy downtown
  19. Mono Cliffs Winter Documentary Engagement Photographer
  20. Niagara Journalistic Engagement Photographer
  21. Caledon Sunset Engagement Photographer
  22. Owen Sound Waterfall Engagement Photographer
  23. Engagement Couple & Dog Chose Barrie Park for Photos
  24. Belfountain Pre-Wedding Photography Location in Caledon
  25. Fur Coats, Golden Hour and a Very Loving Couple Engaged
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  29. Island Lake Piggy Back Ride Engagement Photography
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  31. Toronto Engagement Photos with Couple at Waterfront
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  33. Belfountain Conservation Engagement Photographer
  34. Winter Engagement Photo Locations in Toronto
  35. Best Caledon Engagement Photographer
  36. Caledon At Home Engagement Photographer
  37. Toronto Graffiti Engagement Photographer
  38. Collingwood Top Wedding and Engagement Photographer
  39. Toronto Documentary Engagement Photography
  40. Trinity College Engagement Photography
  41. Collingwood Golden Hour Engagement Photographer
  42. Toronto Fall Engagement Photography with Dog
  43. Karya Park Engagement Photographer
  44. Halton County Radial Museum Engagement Photographer
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  46. Caledon Journalistic Engagement Photographer
  47. Toronto Pre-Wedding Photographer
  48. The Old Mill in Toronto Location for Engagement Session
  49. Earl Bales Park Toronto Winter Engagement
  50. Owen Sound Maternity Photographer
  51. Cherry Blossoms Mississauga Engagement Photographer
  52. Dundas Railpath Engagement Photography
  53. Meaford Marina Unposed Engagement Photography
  54. Yorkville Toronto Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography
  55. Trinity College Pre-Wedding Engagement Photographer
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  57. Caledon Country Engagement Photography
  58. Winter Engagement Photographer in Caledon
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  64. Hockley Valley Engagement Photographer in Caledon
  65. Port Credit Engagement Photos just walking around town
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  67. Halton Country Radial Museum Journalistic Engagement
  68. DeSoto Restaurant at Christmas for Lifestyle Engagement
  69. Piggy Back Ride Photos at Tottenham Conservation Park
  70. Dundas St. Railpath Grafitti Engagement Photography
  71. Tottenham Conservation Engagement Photography at Dusk
  72. Royal Ambassador Documentary Wedding Photographer
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  74. Toronto Engagement Photography in Urban Setting
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  86. Engagement Photographer with Couple at Dusk using Glass
  87. University Mississauga Engagement Session at Dusk
  88. Engagement Photo of Couple in Belfountain Conservation
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Pre-Wedding Photography


The Epic Adventure Session $5000

A full day of photography up to 8 hours
Up to 4 locations pre-determined at consult
Hair and MakeUp
Transportation on the day of to multiple locations
100 Fine Art Edited Image Files
Online Proofing Gallery
The Epic Album 12x12 with 50 pages including up to 100 Fine Art Images

The Basics - Adventure Session $3000

A half day of photography up to 5 hours
Up to 2 locations pre-determined at consult
Hair and MakeUP before session
Transportation on the day of to multiple locations
40 Fine Art Edited Image Files
Online Proofing Gallery
The Epic Album 10x10 with 30 pages including up to 40 Fine Art Images

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