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Frances Morency Photography

Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding Photographer

Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding Photographer

This venue gives priority to photo locations to couples who secure them at booking. I was surprisingly notified that another bride had just finished her ceremony and was on her way to this popular front lawn location and i was going to have to move to another photography location with my bride and groom.

Luckily, I'm experienced and able to work quickly to get my clients the photos they deserve even when we are restricted from a location.

I photographed this bride groom journalistically walking across the front lawn. I quickly asked my bride and groom to just walk so I could get images of them with the beautiful mansion in the backdrop before the other wedding took this spot. This bride had a beautiful ball gown that was perfect for this image. She walked across the lawn, and I asked her to look back at him every now and then and just keep walking. This routine usually gets my couples in spontaneous laughter and giggles as I continue to photograph them in motion with the beautiful mansion in the background.

To the prying eyes of the other bride's wedding coordinator watching my every move, this just looks like I'm asking them to get off the lawn.

I also whispered to them to stop halfway and snuggle so I could quickly grab a number of different portraits as well then continue walking off the property.

I work with zoom lenses and the 70-200mm here allowed me to compress the image so that the mansion looks like it's directly behind them and get me close enough to grab intimate portraits as well as capturing the scene all while pretending to walk off the lawn.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Sunnybrook Estates - Vaughan Estate

Location: Estates of Sunnybrook 2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, OntarioCanada M4N 3M5.

Keywords: ball gown (9), Estate (9), Garden (18), sunnybrook (3), vaughan (12). 1/8000; f/4.5; ISO 1800; 52.0 mm.

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