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The Georgian Bay Club Wedding and Event Photographer

The Georgian Bay Club has beautiful locations for wedding portraits on wedding days in Clarksburg.

This intimate wedding was shot by an associate photographer with Frances Morency Photography. All my associates are pro photographers with experience and pro equipment. You can trust Frances Morency Photography to send the very best available to photograph your wedding day.

Wedding Coordinator: Kelly Gale @ GBC
Photography: Frances Morency
Caterer: GBC
DJ/Band: Charley Woodward
Officiant: Jennifer Duff
Makeup: Glow by Joan
Hair: Glow by Joan
Florist: Leuk

The Georgian Bay Club Wedding

  • How did you meet? There is a local restaurant in our neighbourhood that Jeff and I regularly went to. One day, Jeff saw me there and asked the owner if he would pass along his number. The owner approached me with the offer, but I declined because I wasn’t interested at the time. It wasn’t until one of the waitresses I was close with said he was down to Earth and to give him a chance. I decided to give it a shot 5 months later…I’m glad I did!
  • What do you remember most about your first date? To be honest, our first date was mediocre. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a second date until we had a very lengthy phone call right after the date. That’s when I saw a glimpse of who Jeff really was. I guess he was nervous 😉
  • When did you know he was the one? I don’t think I can pinpoint one moment, but rather a summation of so many wonderful moments from a simple kiss on the forehead when he thinks I’m sleeping to leaving me notes when I come home from work. All in all, why he’s the one for me is that I know he accepts me for who I am…all of me.
  • How did you feel the moment he proposed? Were you surprised by his planning? I was shocked! I don't even think I said yes because it seemed so surreal. That night, he kept asking me if I wanted dessert, but I kept saying no, I finally agreed to share one. I'm glad I did because the ring was in my dessert and the plate read our personal phrase "till we're 90?" It was very sweet...the dessert and proposal ☺️ I was super impressed by his planning because Jeff can't keep it a secret. He told me he got the size of my ring by tracing one of my rings. He also picked out my ring on his own and I absolutely think it's perfect. It was a wonderful proposal and I still have the plate.
  • Georgian Bay Club Wedding Photographer
  • Why did you choose this venue? The view! The golf course is beautiful on its own, but it also overlooks Georgian Bay making it a picture perfect scene. The staff at the Georgian Bay Club is also amazing. They planned the wedding exactly how we pictured it in our heads. They were very organized every step of the way. Couldn't have asked for a nicer and more caring wedding team.
  • If you could use 3 word to describe the theme of your day what would they be? Intimate, quaint, and a little bit country!
  • Memorable moment from your waking up the morning of and getting ready for your day? It was a very relaxed morning...enjoyed my cup of coffee, chatted with family and got my hair and makeup done. However, as soon as I put on my wedding dress and looked in the mirror, I cried. At that moment, I felt like it was the beiginning of my new life. I couldn't wait to see my groom.
  • Tell me your feelings about who and why you chose to be with you while you put your dress on? It was just me! I'm not big on being the centre of attention. I prefer to reflect on my own and soak in the moment.
  • What did you feel and remember from your ceremony? I remember everyone telling me to take it all in and be in the moment. I remembered everyone sitting there, the view, the officiant, the DJ, the best man giving Jeff the rings....but what I will forever remember is my husband saying his vows and tearing up. In that moment, I fell in love with him all over again.
  • Who and why walked you down the aisle? I walked down the aisle on my own. I don't believe in someone giving me away, but rather it just being about me and my husband.
  • Comments / Tips about your venue for future couples? We can’t thank the Club enough for their organization, flexibility, and patience. Our guests were well taken care of and the staff went out of their way to exceed expectations. Everything we thought needed to be done, the team was always one step ahead of us. They think about the small details from the planning of the day to the day of. It was seamless. Thank you, Georgian Bay Club.
  • What did you talk about during your first dance together? How proud I was of my husband's speech about thanking everyone for being there and acknowledging his late brother and expressing how much he would have loved to be there.
  • What did you do together the next day that was memorable? We had the family come over for a late morning coffee and reminisced about the night, shared stories, and pictures. We had some good laughs.
  • If you could tell engaged couples 3 things not to stress about on the wedding day what would it be?

    1. Small details...just remember everyone is there because they love the two of you and be a part of your special day. 2. Timelines: don't worry about your schedule, soak in every moment because the day goes by so quickly. 3. How everone is doing: it is your day! Enjoy it. People will come to you and will enjoy the day hanging out with some new people and old. They will have a good time.
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Location: Georgian Bay Club, 516689 7 Line, Clarksburg, ON N0H 1J0.

Keywords: Bride Groom Portrait (63), Georgian Bay Club (2). 1/8000; f/2.2; ISO 200; 23.0 mm.

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