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Hockley Valley Wedding Photographer

Hockley Valley Resort Suite Bridal Portrait of Bride Sitting by Window Light.

Bridal portraits are still unposed as I keep my brides moving and don't make them pose or stay in one position. I ask them to sit if possible, in great light, and just keep them moving with a little direction and photograph them using my 85mm 1.4 @ f1.4 while I focus on eye lashes. At this setting it is extremely important to focus and shoot. If you try to focus and recompose the image will be blurry. The key here is to have the eye in focus and everything else in the image to fall away.

Location: Hockley Valley Resort 793522 Mono 3rd Line, Mono, ON L9W 5X7.

Keywords: bridal portrait (18). 1/8000; f/1.4; ISO 1400; 85.0 mm.

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