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Junction Craft Brewery Wedding

Do you want an industrial feel and a ceremony somewhere different? Choose Junction Craft Brewery for your day.

  • How did you meet? Through a mutual friend

Junction Brewery Wedding Photographer

  • What do you remember most about your first date? Having an amazing time

  • When did you know he was the one? By our second date

Junction Craft Brewery Wedding Ceremonies

  • How did you feel the moment he proposed? Were you surprised by his planning? Completely shocked. We hadn’t even discussed getting married and he did very well at keeping it secret

Junction Brewery Wedding Photography

  • Why did you choose this venue? We currently go to Junction Brewery for drinks and have always found it to be beautifulJunction Craft Brewery Wedding Photos of Ceremony
  • If you could use 3 word to describe the theme of your day what would they be? Relaxed, modern,

  • Memorable moment from your waking up the morning of and getting ready for your day? We were hungover from celebrating with too much champagne the night before

Junction Brewery Wedding Portraits in Golden Light

  • Tell me your feelings about who and why you chose to be with you while you put your dress on? My best friend Lisa because she’s always so calm and supportive, and my mom because I knew she wouldn’t have wanted to miss it

Junction Craft Brewery Wedding Pictures

  • What did you feel and remember from your ceremony? Lots of smiles from family and friends

Junction Craft Brewery Weddings

  • Who and why walked you down the aisle? My mom as my father has passed

Junction Brewery Journalistic Wedding Photo

  • Comments / Tips about your venue for future couples? Staff are very accommodating. The space is very industrial rustic and doesn’t require much decorating to look spectacular

Junction Craft Brewery Wedding Photographer

Photographer: Frances Morency Photography Associates

Caterer: Enville

Catering Band: The Mark Joseph Band

Officiant: Ken Foo

Hair: Queen’s Shop Fine Hairdressing

Florist: May Flowers

Junction Craft Brewery Journalist Portrait of Couple

  • What did you talk about during your first dance together? How well the day went

Junction Brewery Portrait of Wedding Couple

  • What did you do together the next day that was memorable? Opened gifts
  • If you could tell engaged couples 3 things not to stress about on the wedding day what would it be?

    The decor. Whether or not people are having a good time. Guests that couldn’t make it.

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