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Destination wedding for this Golden, B.C. couple at The Beaumaris Yacht Club who grew up at a cottage in beautiful Muskoka.

Muskoka Resort Wedding Photography


  • Venue: Beaumaris Yacht Club
  • Photography: Frances Morency Photography ( associate photographers )
  • Caterer: Fresh Kutz Market & Grill
  • DJ: DJ Dean @ Sonic Sensations
  • Officiant: Mark Sanderson @ All Seasons Weddings
  • Makeup: TL Banks @ Gemini Hair Studio
  • Hair: Brittany Kadyschuk @ BK Hair Studio
  • Florist: Diane Miller @ Rural Roots Flower Co.

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  • How did you meet?
  • Jamieson and I met through a mutual friend at a birthday party in Muskoka. I had a crush on him the moment we started to talk & the next day the first thing I did was add him on Facebook & started chatting him up!
  • Elopement Venue:  Muskoka Wedding Photographer
  • What do you remember most about your first date?
  • Our first date was the most romantic! He had his friend pick me up from my house (he was working later than expected) & told me he was taking me somewhere special and that he would meet me there at dinner time. We arrived at the Marriott in Rosseau, Muskoka where I was escorted to the most amazing spa room looking over lake Rosseau for a massage. Jamieson met me there afterwards and we went for dinner & spent the night in luxury at the resort! All my friends thought he was too good to be true!!
  • Wedding Party:  Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding
  • When did you know he was the one?
  • I knew he was the one when I really got to know how genuine and kind hearted he was. I quickly learned he would do anything for the people he loves.
  • Dock Wedding Ceremony:  Beaumaris Yacht Club Photographer
  • How did you feel the moment he proposed?
  • Were you surprised by his planning?We had been together for 5 years before he proposed so I had a feeling it was going to happen eventually but I was still in absolute shock when he did it. The adrenaline and cloud nine feeling didn’t disappear for a couple of weeks. It was such an amazing feeling!
  • Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding Ceremony Photography

  • If you could use 3 word to describe the theme of your day what would they be?
  • Rustic-chic, Fall, FUN
  • Memorable moment from your waking up the morning of and getting ready for your day?
  • Waking up in the lake front cabin me and my girls were staying at to see a beautiful blue sky, making for the most perfect fall day; which is all I ever envisioned and hoped for.
  • Wedding Party Photos:  Beaumaris Yacht ClubWhat did you feel and remember from your ceremony?
  • I was SO nervous moments leading up to ceremony & my walk down the aisle. But as soon as I was standing next to Jamieson all my anxiety disappeared.
  • Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding Photography
  • Who and why walked you down the aisle?
  • My dad walked me down the aisle. Something he looked so forward to, as I was the first child to get married. It was extremely special to both him and I.
  • Beaumaris Yacht Club Bride and Groom Portrait
  • Comments / Tips about your venue for future couples?
  • Beaumaris Yacht club is beautiful, rustic & gives a true Muskokan vibe with its wooden features & lake front view.
  • Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding
  • What did you talk about during your first dance together?
  • We talked about how beautiful our ceremony was, how anxious we both were & how glad we were to be together again!
  • First Dance:  Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding Photographer
  • What did you do together the next day that was memorable?
  • We didn’t do much the next day, however we went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon 2 days after the wedding for 10 days!
  • Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding Photographer
  • If you could tell engaged couples 3 things not to stress about on the wedding day what would it be?

    Weather- don’t stress about the weather, it is out of your control if it rains or if it’s cold, etc therefore don’t stress about it! Ask for help! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just ask your bridesmaids to help! That’s what they’re there for. Little things- don’t sweat the small things. It’s likely you will be the only one that will notice if something “goes wrong” anyways. To be honest, nothing will run 100% absolutely perfect because weddings never do! Just go with the flow.

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