The Gladstone Hotel Wedding Photographer

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The Bridal Suite is light and bright and has plenty of room for hanging out with your wedding party while you get ready.

Gladstone House Wedding Photographer

Ask for the suite with access to the outdoor deck and view of the city. This space will get you city views in your photos and allows you to have a private space for your first look and some of your portraits.

First Look:  The Gladstone House Wedding Photography

Photos on Deck at The Gladstone House Wedding

This was March and it snowed so an overcast day will hinder your views of Toronto, but if you have a sunny day image the photos with the CN Tower as your backdrop.

Gladstone House Wedding Pictures

Learning to see differently is a great quality in your wedding photographer and I'll try and get creative images at every wedding.

Gladstone House Photography of Bridesmaids

This ceremony space was beautiful with edison lights and lots of window light.

Ceremony Photo at The Gladstone House Toronto Wedding

Best Toronto Wedding Photography Locations

Saturated orange walls were the ideal location for wedding party portraits when it's cold outside.

Wedding Party Orange Wall:  Toronto Wedding Photographer

Gladstone House Journalistic Wedding Photography

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