Journalistic Photo of Wedding Party:  Gladstone House
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Journalistic Photo of Wedding Party: Gladstone House

This is what i'm hired for...... capturing images in a journalistic style where you don't even know that I'm photographing you.

Photojournalism Explained


My love for journalistic wedding photography began way before I started photographing weddings. I'll be honest, posing was never my strong suit and not because I don't know the proper way to position a subject in the light, but because it wasn't natural or emotive.

I excel at capturing the right moment, the right expression and the right feeling at just the right time to tell the story in a photo. I've been a Toronto journalistic photographer since the beginning with my family clients. I was also strictly a film photographer and 100% BW medium.

Toronto Knox College Permit FeesI asked her to move closer to the window and photographed her during that move.

As a Toronto journalistic wedding photographer, keeping my clients in motion throughout our portrait time together is the best way to capture natural movement and emotion in my documentary wedding photography. I will very rarely tell you where to place your hands of how to stand, but rather, have you walk around each other and chat or even better yet..... I will photograph your in-between moments when you don't even know I'm taking photos.

Candid Toronto Wedding PhotographerI asked them to kiss when they walked by me during the recessional

My Approach to Journalistic Wedding Photography

Depending on how you are together in front of my camera or if I can elicit a moment by directing occasionally then i'll do that in a way to make it look as natural as possible. This photo above was created by simply asking them to kiss while coming down the aisle without stopping them or directing....it's happens naturally and they continue with the recessional.

Grooms Dad Blocked the Groom While the Bride was Walking Down The Aisle

Photographing a Wedding with a Documentary Approach

While we do family formals, decor and detail photos and portraits of the couple together, capturing the real moments happening around us throughout the day is where our hearts lie. It's not unusual for my clients to request 100% journalistic wedding day coverage with a completely unobtrusive style.

Wedding Photographer at Millcroft Inn & SpaSent the bride to stand next to bench in great light and photographed her getting there.

Journalistic wedding photography is what's important to me and being able to capture all the moments that are happening as a beautiful record of families coming together is my true passion.

Journalistic Approach to Wedding Photography

Here are some notes on what I won't ever ever make you do on your wedding day.

  • ask you to recreate a moment that just happened
  • fake laugh or fake cry during you first look or portraits...... instead do whatever is representative of you. Do you want to laugh at each other? Do you want to pick up your bride and swing her around in the air? do it! Do you just want to stand there and stare at each other awkwardly? then do that.....that's your you!
  • I will never ask you or your wedding party to giggle awkwardly at each other.

Instead, I will put you in great light and photograph what happens or doesn't happen.

  • I will photograph you when you don't know that I'm there.
  • I will send you to a location with great light and photograph you getting there......I will not be helping you because then i'm not taking photos like the one above.
  • I will be the one photographing you getting into position to have your picture taken not knowing that I have already done the job of photographing you in a journalistic style.

the bridesmaids immediately started making her perfect for a portrait which was the photo

My Groom Doesn't Like to Have His Photo Taken?

That's ok! because he will not have to pose. I'll photograph him with or without you depending on his or your comfort levels. Most couple say they are not comfortable in front of the camera but that's because it's awkward to be posed and look natural. Since, I won't do that you'll be able to be photographed naturally and easily.

I'll be putting you in great light and guide you through scenes until you get the hang of just being together naturally while I take photos. I will gently direct as much as needed for the couple that is in front of my camera in order to elicit naturally occurring moments.

If you're looking for a photographer that can easily direct you occasionally to elicit great moments, then I would love you to book me for your wedding or event.

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Location: Gladstone House, 1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6.

Keywords: award winner (9), bw (163), Gladstone House (12), Journalistic (69), Wedding Party (46), Winter Wedding (5). 1/2500; f/6.3; ISO 1250; 24.0 mm.

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