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Toronto & Collingwood Journalistic Destination Wedding Photographer

Journalistic Sunset Wedding Photos at Deer Creek Golf Club

The day at Deer Creek Golf started with rain and the sun came out during the indoor ceremony just in time for us to go outside and get these sunset wedding photos. 

  The indoor ceremony was interrupted by the skies parting and sunlight streaming in to blind the groomsmen and put a smile on the brides face as the officiant made a heavenly reference. 

  As we had already taken all the family photos and bridal party photos indoors before the ceremony, we had just enough time to go outside during this impromptu golden hour to photograph our bride and groom. 

  Deer Creek Golf Club has a couple iconic locations for photos and I try to incorporate those locations by keeping my couples in motion and photograph them in the scenes.  I asked them to go for a walk here towards the setting sun.  Journalistic photos of my couples walking including the scene around them and candid photos of them together close up are a priority for me as a photographer.  

  My couples always look natural and relaxed in front of my camera because I keep them moving and interacting for me to capture them as natural and unposed as possible. 

Photographed at Deer Creek Golf Club during golden hour and sunset on Oct. 28.  

Location: 2700 Audley Rd, Ajax, ON L1Z 1T7, Canada.

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