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Frances Morency Photography

Journalistic Toronto Wedding Photographer

Journalistic Toronto Wedding Photographer

Are you have a downtown wedding? then you should be taking advantage of the city for some great journalistic style wedding photography. Take a walk around the city with an experienced photographer and just capture images in the streets.

I always ask my couples to walk ahead of me and stay connected whether it's holding hands or waist and when I see something happening around them or see an image, I just ask them to stop and connect.

In this case it was a reflection and my couple put down the umbrella and just snuggled together. It took less than 30 seconds and we were walking again. We walked around the block for 15 min. and then walked into the cocktail hour to mingle with guests.

Location: Toronto Ontario.

Keywords: candid (6), Documentary (9), Journalistic (9), Toronto (9).

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