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Sudbury Wedding Photographer

Idylwylde Golf & Country Club Wedding Portrait on Cliff

Bride and groom climbed the cliff nearby and just needed to walk to the edge and back for me to get all the photos we needed.

Idylwylde Golf Club hosted this wedding. This location had such incredible views and rock formations it was hard not to take a great photo of this couple.

Planning a wedding day is difficult at best and even the best laid plans and schedules fail. This day was no exception as they had a great outdoor ceremony, but after had an impromptu receiving line that took 45min. and with a large bridal party to photograph that meant that we were going to be limited on time with the bride and groom.

I also had a video team on this day that was great to work with and I would recommend them anytime, but working with a video team can be extremely difficult and time consuming if they demand the couples attention. Video on this day included a drone and with this location it was hard to say no to these guys who let me do my thing without interrupting. We worked great together, but because of timing the bride and groom received limited portraits on their wedding day although the scenic portraits they received were epic!

Sudbury Wedding Photographer

Kristi C., married on 03/06/2017

I honestly can't say enough great things about Frances. It was totally by chance that we found her, it was a recommendation on an Ontario wide wedding Facebook group that someone else had asked for that I just so happened to have seen. This bride recommended Frances and I haven't looked back since. Our initial thought of Frances was she was very efficient in responding to her emails which was check mark one for me. After our Skype consultation we knew she was perfect, her energy and vision was perfect and don't even get me started on her portfolio of incredible photos.
We felt so comfortable during our engagement photos, and after seeing the results, the 11 months until our wedding couldn't come fast enough as we were so eager for our wedding day.
On our wedding day, we didn't feel like Frances was even there thats how good at her job she is, like a ninja, not in the way of us or guests but happened to capture the most breathtaking photos.
For us, one thing we did not budget was a photographer, you can not put a price tag on photos and memorizes and we didn't want to limit ourselves. That being said for the photo Frances gave us, you would think she costs much more. I have had so many people ask me who our photographer was and I happily tell them Frances Morency Photography and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone.

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Location: IIdylwylde Golf and Country Club, 400 Walford Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 2G9.

Keywords: Bride Groom Portrait (31), Sudbury Wedding Photographer (4). 1/8000; f/7.1; ISO 1600; 32.0 mm.

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