Korean Wedding Ceremony
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Korean Wedding Ceremony

Wedding photojournalism captures a bride and groom wearing the traditional costumes during the Korean wedding ceremony.

The Korean Wedding Ceremony

A Kunbere ceremony, both bride and groom wear the traditional Hanbok. The Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that represents thousands of years of tradition. The Hanbok, usually made of a lightweight material with bright colours, simple lines, and no pockets. The bride will wear a pink or purple Hanbok, while the groom’s mother wears a blue Hanbok. Female members of the family can also wear the traditional Hanbok, but have the option to wear modern clothing in place of the traditional dress.


Korean betrothal gifts were brought to bride's home by the groom's closest friends. Placed in a box called a Hahm, the group would arrive with blackened faces and in costume to sing at the bride's family home. The bride's family would step out and offer money to the group. Fun negotiation and laughter would follow as the groom and friends would be bribed until the Hahm was delivered.

Engagement Parties

Most Korean-American engagement parties are now held in restaurants.

During an engagement party, it is normal to exchange gifts sometimes worth many thousands of dollars and at this time the families are formally introduced. The bride may wear the traditional Hanbok, and this formal engagement party may include entertainment and sit down meal for an elaborate family affair.

Wild Goose

Wild geese mate for life and this gift, a wooden geese, to the bride's mother signifies a promise to care for their daughter for life. This gift is presented before the wedding day.

Gourd of Wine

The bride and groom bow to each other and seal their vow by sipping a special wine poured into a gourd grown by the bride's mother. This is a traditional Korean wedding held at the bride's family home where vows are taken in a ceremony called Kunbere.

Dates & Chestnuts

Days after the ceremony, couples visit the groom's family for another wedding ceremony, the P'ye-Baek. The bride offers dates and chestnuts which are symbols of children to the groom's parents. Subsequently, the parents offer sake from a low table filled with symbolic offerings in return. As a final gesture they throw the dates and chestnuts at the bride. The bride tries to catch them in her large wedding skirt.

In Canada, the P'ye-Baek is most often held before the ceremony with the bride and groom in full Korean costume. This tradition is a family only affair, hosted by the groom's side. Family members also offer gifts of money in envelopes to the bride.

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