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Lora Bay Thornbury Wedding Photographer

Lora Bay thornbury Wedding Photographer

First, I asked my bride to walk to the end of the Lora Bay pier for me and just stand there while I directed her because that was essentially the first time I had her alone and I needed to see how she was in front of the camera. I asked her to look at me, look away and look down and just photographed the moments to see how natural she was. I then asked her to do a quarter turn and do it again. I asked her again to do a quarter turn and now her back was to me and she did this four times for me while I photographed her alone. This took a couple minutes.

Then, I sent her ladies to join her and I asked them to go to the end of the pier and surround her but, not block my view and just fluff her dress and make her perfect.

I photographed those journalistic moments then I asked the group to get in a line and just look at me and look at each other while I kept taking pictures.

To finish, I asked them to walk back towards me on the Lora Bay Pier.

Location: Thornbury, Ontario 109 East Ridge Drive,Thornbury, ON, Canada N0H 2P0.

Keywords: Bridal Party (21), collingwood (96), Documentary (33), Journalistic (60), lora bay (27), thornbury (15). 1/4000; f/5.6; ISO 720; 120.0 mm.

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