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MacLaren Art Centre Wedding Photographer

MacLaren Art Centre Wedding Photo of Bride Groom Speech

Bridal preparations is one of my favourite parts of a wedding day because that's when you see the excitement and special moments between friends and family. I arrived at The Farmhouse Restaurant not knowing what to expect from this space. The room was very open and decorated simply and beautifully. The light in the room was ideal for photography and I couldn't wait to get started with this bride's moments.

Farmhouse Restaurant Bridal Preparations with Mom

I draped the veil on a pair of antlers on the wall so that I could use the veil to soften the wall and hide some stuff on the floor.

I take the opportunity to photograph details throughout every part of the day. This image of the dress is one of my favourites from this wedding.

The Best Documentary Barrie Wedding Photographer

Everyone getting dressed and helping each other is another great opportunity for photographic moments. Every part of the day that you photograph in a documentary style is about creating photos from regular events or moments that are happening at that time.

Groom Preparations at Cobble Beach in Kemble

Groom prep is just as important as bridal preparations and should be documented in the same documentary style.

First Look Photography at Farmhouse Restaurant Barrie

The Farmhouse Restaurant is the AirBNB that hosted the bridal preparations and the bride and groom's "first look" session at the bar.

Father Walking Bride Down the Aisle Southshore Barrie

After the "first look session" we headed to Southshore Community Centre for the ceremony.

Southshore Community Centre Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony we headed to the MacLaren Art Centre for the reception.

Barrie MacLaren Art Centre Grand Entrance Bride Groom

Bride and groom entered the room after the wedding party with full congratulations from everyone.

Maclaren Art Centre Photography at Reception

The sweetheart table at The MacLaren Art Centre.

MacLaren Art Gallery Indoor Portrait from Above

The day was so cold that we didn't get a chance to do bride and groom photos so I knew I had to steal a few minutes whenever I could just to get portraits of the bride and groom. The went for a walk together at one point and I caught them in the hallway for a portrait. This took 2 seconds then I let them get back to their guests.

First Dance at MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie

Location: Maclaren Art Centre 37 Mulcaster St, Barrie, ON L4M 3M2.

Keywords: art (3), reception (21), speech (3). 1/125; f/18.0; ISO 5000; 32.0 mm.

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