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Frances Morency Photography

Ottawa Parliament Documentary Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Parliament Building Wedding

On the best of days, this is a tough location to shoot. Because of the crowds at this tourist attraction in downtown Ottawa, I opted to have my couple walk across the front lawn of the Parliament Building so that I could get it's full majestic beauty in the image with my wedding couple as a "couplescape".

I knew this was going to take some work in post just to get rid of some people on the lawn, but by placing myself far enough away and asking my couple to walk back and forth in front of the building I knew I would be able to minimize the THOUSANDS of people behind them directly at the building. This created what we photographers like to call little people big scene and it's an image worthy of printing large in your home.

Location: Ottawa Parliament Building Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6.

Keywords: Government Building (3), little people (3), Ottawa (3), Parliament (3).

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