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Pheasant Run Golf Wedding Photography

Pheasant Run Golf Wedding Photography of Groomsmen

Groom preparations were photographed at Pheasant Run Golf and we just captured all the final details and and groom portraits.

The groomsmen had a great time in their kilts and really had fun with the whole idea.

We chose to stay near the ceremony space and greet guests when they arrived at the same time.

Groom prep can be captured in many different ways.


1. schedule a groom prep photographer to capture all the groomsmen getting ready or doing an activity. Sometimes the boys like to go for a shave together, or golf 9 holes and some even head over to the pub just to hang out and eat before the ceremony.

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2. plan on stealing 20min. before the ceremony where your lead photographer can meet the boys before the ceremony and do a mini groom prep for some portraits of the groom doing a mock up getting ready.

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3. schedule groom alone portraits during your bride and groom session OR choose to take your boys for a shave or 9 rounds of golf before the ceremony.

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Location: Pheasant Run Golf 18033 Warden Ave, Sharon, ON L0G 1V0, Canada.

Keywords: golf (33), groomsmen (12), preparations (21), scottish (3). 1/8000; f/2.0; ISO 1400; 35.0 mm.

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