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Todmorden Mills Toronto Candid Photos of Bride Details.

The bride and groom were walking to the next location and I took this opportunity to photograph her bouquet with her lace dress.  

I photograph all the details of the day and i try to grab images in a couple different styles. For example I will photograph the bouquet here while the bride is carrying it naturally and i will also photograph the flowers staged on a table with great light as well as in a group with the bridesmaids flowers. 

Sometimes a budget doesn't allow for bride or groom preparation photography coverage.  This is the time of day when photographers usually photograph all the details before the bride and grooms get dressed and walk out the door.  

This was the case at this wedding, so i had to make sure that I captured all the details when I could so that the brides album had well documented photographs of the day and all the details and effort she put in for her family and friends. 

Wedding Ceremony and Photos at Todmorden Mills Toronto. 

Location: 67 Pottery Rd, Toronto, ON M4K 2B9, Canada.