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Top Georgian Bay Wedding Photographers at Graydon Hall

Top Georgian Bay Wedding Photographers at Graydon Hall

As one of the top photographers in Georgian Bay for wedding photography, I make sure to give my clients as much variety as possible. It's important to capture my clients in as many situations, emotions and back drops as possible on a fast paced wedding day.

This wedding ran short on time during the bride groom portraits. While everyone was getting ready for the grand entrance, we agreed to steal 10 minutes from their entrance in order for us to get some portraits. I literally kept them in one location that had great light and just moved around them to get as many different images as I could with as many different lenses my zooms would allow.

An experienced photographer can roll with the punches and allowing me to steal them again for 15 minutes during dinner got them all the portraits they would need to remember their wedding day.

Graydon Hall Manor

This is a historic garden venue with the most beautiful getting ready rooms i've seen in a long time. The bridal suite needs to be kept for the bride to get dressed. Choose another room for hair and makeup and bags and all the chaos so that your bridal suite stays clean for the best photos ever.

Graydon Hall Manor Bridal Suite

The girls gathered upstairs to wait until it was time to get the bride dressed. This beautiful sitting room is just at the top of the staircase and next to the bridal suite where they can all be in the middle of the action without getting in the way of mother daughter moments.

Graydon Hall Manor Wedding Photography

The window light is exquisite at Graydon Hall Manor and look at this gold mirror. I've been to this venue where hair and makeup was staged in this room and it was completely unusable for getting the bride dressed. Choose another room at Graydon Hall Manor for your hair and makeup and keep this room clean and clutter free.

Graydon Hall Documentary Wedding Photographer

The maid of honour stepped inside the bridal suite for a moment to help the bride with her veil before all the girls came in for a first look.

Groom Getting Ready Photos at Graydon Hall Manor The groom preparation room was downstairs in the library for this Graydon Hall Wedding day. The rest of the boys were in the adjoining bar area waiting to come in and finish their scotch with the groom.

Georgian Bay photographer at Graydon Hall Manor

The window light in this study or library is absolutely stunning and worth it to get a pro photographer with equipment capable of capturing low light images like these.

Cobble Beach Bridal Portrait

The bridal portrait on a wedding day is so important and I believe in taking 5 min. to capture these at every wedding.

Graydon Hall Manor Wedding Preparations Photos

Graydon Hall Wedding Photographer

I moved the bride next door to the bridal suite in this room with a big beautiful bay window and just asked her to move around and play with her dress.

Then I asked the girls to gather around her and make her dress perfect for a portrait when all I really wanted was to photograph these moments.


Location: Graydon Hall Manor 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, ON M3A 3B1.

Keywords: collingwood (96), Georgian Bay (9), portrait (117), veil (21). 1/1000; f/4.5; ISO 1600; 122.0 mm.

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