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This bride had two dresses and really wanted another more relaxed photography session incorporating Toronto's Skyline.

The groom is a local architect and because we couldn't make the trip to Wards Island on the fast paced wedding day we scheduled a session at a later date.

She got another fabulous bouquet from Coriander Girl and wore her second dress from Vera Wang. We started at the Distillery District then hoped a cab for the ferry and over to the island to walk around and just take pictures.

Frances really finds uniquely eye-catching angles and scenes to create an image that you're proud to share with family and friends. You can see in her work that everyone feels completely at ease in front of the camera, and that's a gift that she has to make everyone look natural and comfortable, instead of posed and awkward.
And as a hobbyist photographer myself, I can appreciate how difficult it must be to capture as much as possible in a limited amount of time, and be ready for every possible candid moment, and all without sacrificing artistic quality. Frances balances this with ease. She knows her stuff!

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Location: Wards Island, Toronto Ontario .

Keywords: Bride Groom Portrait (53), pre-wedding (2), Toronto (22). 1/3200; f/8.0; ISO 2500; 75.0 mm.

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