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Lora Bay

Lora Bay Thornbury mid day photos in harsh lighting conditions

Portraits of this couple in harsh mid day light were positioned in a way where the sun was flattering.  

I drove to photograph this couple at their church ceremony need Collingwood, Ontario, then we went to Lora Bay Golf Club for family, bridal party and bridal photos.  

You don't always get to choose what time of day you will be doing most of your portraits.  As an experienced photographer I'm able to photograph any time of day at any location.  

Yes, we want to photograph you during the best light which is 2 hours before sunset, but wedding day timelines don't always allow this ideal time for photography.  

This journalistic wedding was one of those days.  All the photos with this couple were going to happen during the harshest part of the day with direct sunlight overhead.  Yes, we could run for open shade and tree cover but then she wouldn't get the photos she wanted with the beautiful Georgian Bay as her background.  This is where an experienced photographer who knows how to work with light at any time of day will get you those photos you want by positioning you in a way where the sun is behind you, or using flash, or closing your eyes so you're not squinting in your photographs.  

Wedding Venue in Thorbury at The Lora Bay Golf Club 

Location: Lora Bay Golf 109 E Ridge Dr, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0, .

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