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Best Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer at Sunset

Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort wowed this wedding photographer with its gorgeous sunsets and golden hour light. The wedding day was planned around a portrait session during the sunset hours.

After the ceremony we headed to the beach to see what we could find for portrait locations. The sun set on the other side of the resort, so we walked along the beach for a few minutes taking pictures until we turned a corner into a bay. Not a sunset, but great light to mimic sunset photos.

This Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort has penthouse suites with a deck overlooking the resort. I went upstairs to check out the light and noticed the incredible clouds in the sky and knew this would be a great spot for the dress photo.

A ukulele was brought along for the trip to this destination wedding and I wondered what the reference was going to be. I knew it had to have some kind of meaning or they wouldn't have travelled this far with it. I decided to try and incorporate it with the wedding rings.

Mother daughter moments happen naturally with a really close relationship like these two had.

My favourite images of the day are taken when they don't know i'm taking photos. This photo of the bride walking up the stairs to the rooftop is one of mine from this day.

The girls all joined in to put the cathedral veil on the bride before dad came and had a first look.

Groom at Akumal Bay Resort Wedding in Mexico

While we waited for dad to arrive to the brides room, I ran over to the groom's room 1 floor below to photograph him getting ready. A portrait of the groom in the hallway with an elevator door reflection.

Akumal Bay Beach Mexico Wedding Photographer

Moments with dad mean everything when you have a bond like this family has.

Mexico Waterfront Portrait on Beach with Bridal PartyFinally we met up with the entire wedding party for waterfront photos. We just walked for 20 minutes up the beach and stopped for photos along the way. Simple, easy and stress free......before we let them go to get drinks from the bar.

The ceremony location was private but hot in the sun. I highly recommend doing a late day ceremony for destination weddings so that you and your guests are not outside during the hottest part of the day.

A late day ceremony allowed us to get great golden hour and sunset photos in Mexico. The resort was situated in a way that the sun set down the beach and around a bend. We walked for ten minutes along the beach taking photos until the sun was setting in the right location for photos.

Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort Wedding Photographer

We returned to Akumal Bay Resort & Spa just in time for introductions to their reception.

Bride Walking Down Aisle: Donalda Club Photographer
Destination Wedding Photographer Take Me With You

Location: Akumal Bay Beach Resort & Spa, Carretera Federal Cancun-Chetumal Km.104, 77760 Akumal, Q.R., Mexico.

Keywords: Destination Wedding Photographer (10), Mexico Destination Photographer, Mexico Wedding Photos (2). 1/4000; f/5.6; ISO 1600; 78.0 mm.

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