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Gibson Centre Wedding Photography

I'm always photographing my couples while they are moving.

I send them to locations and photograph them coming and going. I direct them as I need depending on what I see. I get them to stop at a location, take a few photos and then photograph them coming back towards me.

I don't like to waste time on wedding days. I photograph every moment even when they are moving and in fact those are the most natural images that I provide along with the posed portraits that I also deliver.

The entire day is photographed in a journalistic style so it's important to keep my clients in motion.

Photography Assistant Review:

Krystal Shephard, 23/08/2014

Frances has such an amazing talent for capturing your special day. I have the privilege of assisting her during your special day. From the moment she arrives she is walking around the location looking for the best light to capture those fine details from your shoes, ring, dress, as well as the best light to photograph you getting dressed. Frances brings a sense of humour to help keep you calm and get those natural moments of laughter and capture it at just the right moment. Once at the ceremony, with her professional equipment, she is able to capture the moment with a candid approach, getting those up close shots without being intrusive to the couple, officiant and guests from the sidelines. Frances really tries to find those unique angels and scenery to create images you will fall in love with over and over again. I love the opportunity to work with this AMAZING photographer, and strive to take such beautiful images as she does. You get what you pay for, and you will not regret having Frances as your photographer to capture any special memories in your life.

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Location: Gibson Centre 63 Tupper St W, Alliston, ON L9R 1E4.

Keywords: Gibson Centre (13), wedding couple portrait (61). 1/8000; f/4.5; ISO 720; 24.0 mm.

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