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Groom High Fives Guest During Wedding Recessional

Canoe Restaurant for intimate weddings and Toronto Elopements. Beautiful decor, magnificent views and gorgeous sunsets for your wedding photography

Amazing to work with

Frances was incredible to work with. She is friendly, professional and always makes you feel amazing about your self. She keeps you laughing and stress free throughout the day. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Father Walking Bride Down the Aisle at Canoe Wedding

The ceremony space at Canoe is stunning for photography with ample window light, coppered wall and modern gold chandeliers to finish off the space. The ceremony space does not need added decor and there is plenty of room for guests and cocktail hour.

We had a 4 piece strings band in this area and still a lot of room for mingling before heading into the reception during sunset where they had their first dance.

The bride and groom hired me to photograph their intimate wedding at Canoe Restaurant in Toronto. I met them at their hotel for the portrait session and when I arrived I loved the hotel room so much that I took out my cameras immediately to grab a few getting ready photos in this Four Seasons Hotel room in Yorkville. The bride was already dressed and so was the groom as they weren't looking for getting ready photos.

We then had about 20 min. for photos and I needed to make it work in the parking lot of this hotel. I saw these white glass pillars at the entrance of the parking garage and immediately headed to that location. My couple were very comfortable in front of the camera and needed very little direction. I stayed in this valet parking lot for almost the entire session including the bridal party photos.

Then, I just asked them to walk down the street, cross the street and walk back towards me so that I could get some journalistic style photos for them.

We then made our way to the ceremony at Canoe Restaurant in Toronto. The restaurant is stunning during golden hour and it was perfect for this sunset ceremony and reception. The day was clear with not a cloud in the sky.

I photographed the bridal party in the same location as the white pillars only looking in the opposite direction against a glass office building.

Candid Family Photo at Canoe Restaurant Wedding

We capture Family Formals and candids

Location: Canoe Restaurant & Bar, 66 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6.

Keywords: candid wedding photographer (28), Canoe Restaurant and Bar (18), Canoe Wedding Photography, Photos at Canoe Restaurant. 1/125; f/5.0; ISO 4500; 29.0 mm.

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