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The award winning FRANCES MORENCY Collections

The Moments That Matter

I BELIEVE in giving you ART by storytelling your wedding day in a JOURNALISTIC style

I believe a wedding should be about capturing the moments that are happening at that time and I strive to give you emotional, compelling images, with minimal guiding or posing, of the relationships you have with your partner, family and friends.

You need someone who is experienced in capturing the day as it's happening in the background without interrupting you to pose or smile. You need a photographer you can trust to be somewhere in the room photographing it all as the day unfolds in an unobtrusive style. All professional photographers will capture the "SHOT LIST" of required photos, but the photographer who can capture the in between moments and knows when to expect and anticipate them is the pro you want. Photographs are more than just pictures taken they are documented memories of tears, love and unscripted joy. To us, the wedding day isn’t just the bride or the groom perfectly posed....... it's about the moments you are having with all the people around you that you love. It's the look on your father's face when he sees you for the first time as a bride. It's about the tears when the maid of honour says her speech and every time you see the image you will remember the kind words. It's about your mom helping you into your gown or the crazy time your friends are having at your reception.

We are members of: Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada, Best of Wedding Photographers
We are award winning photographers from: Fearless Photographers, PWPC and WedAwards & ISPWP

FMPWeddings Collections

Our associates are fantastic lead photographers in their own rights. They all have many many years of experience running their own wedding business and working along side me.
My associates are well rounded photographers who are not interested in the business part of photography, but are passionate about weddings and capturing the memories. My associate photographers are talented, eager, have great work ethic and dedicated to journalistic style photography.
We all take the same approach to wedding photography and I trust them with all my clients and their families. It’s important to have someone with you all day who will be confident, friendly and experienced.
Choose an associate because they’re incredibly talented people and because I trust them enough to send them to my clients.

Now, just because I can’t be there on the day doesn’t mean that I’m not there every step of the way to make sure you have a wonderful experience with Frances Morency Photography.

I WILL..... photograph your engagement!
I WILL..... take care of communications and business process.
I WILL ... handle all the photo editing.

I WILL ... do all the custom album designs.

FMPDestinations Collections

I love the adventure of travel and what better experience than to join you for a day on your wedding adventure wherever you may be in the world and capture the moments. This is an incredible opportunity to have an experienced photographer record this day for you in all it's glory journalistically, documentary with amazing portraits at your stunning location. I will travel anywhere in Canada to photograph your wedding for FREE......... yes, that's right no travel fees anywhere in Canada. Contact me for generous quotes to other parts of the world.


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