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Mother Daughter Moment at Cambium Farms Preparations

I asked mom to go to her daughter and if there was any advice she wanted to give her on her wedding day now was the time.  I captured what was happening here in front of me, but her 3 three sisters were also watching just behind me and when I turned around they were all crying.  I photographed that too, but this moment when mom reached over to wipe a tear off her daughters smiling face was the moment I chose to share.  

I positioned the bride near window light for her getting ready images and just let the events take place.  

I could tell this bride had a very close relationship with her mom and sisters so I anticipated a very emotional moment as she got ready.  I made sure all her sisters were with her when she put her dress on and then gave her a moment alone with her mom which is when the emotions flooded the room. 

Location: Hockley Valley Resort 793522 Mono 3rd Line, Mono, ON L9W 5X7, Canada.

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