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The Royal Ambassador Journalistic Wedding Photographer

This couple was having their final event of the week and chose do do portraits and family photos at another event prior so that they could just enjoy this day. 

They didn't want a portrait session at all, but I convinced them to come outside with me for 5 min. so that I could get images of her in this beautiful jewelled mint green dress.  

Since this event was photographed in a completely photojournalistic way I didn't exactly know how they were going to be together for portraits.  So, I just asked them to walk together and stopped them every now and then and photographed whatever happened between them.  It was very innocent and endearing to watch a couple so cautious and shy in front of the camera.  I loved the way they were together and it shows here in this image.  

Location: The Royal Ambassador 15430 Innis Lake Road, Caledon East, ON L7C 2Z1, Canada.

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