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Named one of Canada’s top Wedding photographers I am there to capture the relationships you have with your friends, family and partner at your MacLaren Art Centre wedding

Maclaren Art Centre Wedding First Dance

March 1st to November 30th - approx. $4000

December 1st to February 28th - approx. $3500

The heritage facility can be booked for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Included in this price is access to:

  • Massie Family Courtyard
  • Carnegie Room
  • Harris Hall (main level lobby)
  • Gallery Café throughout the evening

The Art Centre provides:

  • an event services team
  • preliminary facility tour
  • the booking of the wedding
  • in person consultation to go over the details
  • day of staff member on site to manage receiving rentals and field inquires
  • fully licensed bar and bartenders

MacLaren Art Centre Wedding Introduction Photo

Since The MacLaren Art Centre is first and foremost a museum, there are certain

decor regulations that must be met to protect both the facility and the permanent collection

Table Captures at MacLaren Art Centre Wedding

The MacLaren does not permit:

  • any article to be fastened onto the walls, electrical fixtures or floor
  • tape, nails, tacks, screws, or any tools, which could mark the floors, walls or ceilings
  • no open flame, balloons, confetti or decorative glitter is permitted in the building and courtyard or on the grounds.
  • potted plants; only cut greenhouse flowers

Location: MacLaren Art Centre, 37 Mulcaster St, Barrie, ON L4M 3M2.

Keywords: Barrie wedding photographer (6), first dance photos (3), MacLaren Art Centre (4), Reception Photos. 1/125; f/18.0; ISO 5000; 32.0 mm.

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