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Collingwood Wedding Photographer

I am a Collingwood wedding photographer providing my couples with journalistic images showcasing the relationships they have with each other, family and friends.

Wedding days are unpredictable at best and if your wedding photographer is not able to photograph in all lighting situations and all weather situations and produce beautiful portraits then you may want to definitely hire me! frances morency

Journalistic & Real

You can see by looking at my wedding photography portfolio that I photograph natural and real moments as well as the standard shot list shots.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera which is why I excel at direction if you need it. Every couple loves that I can elicit natural and candid photos out of them by directing them on what to do with a few simple subtle cues. "Down", "almost kiss", "hands", "walk" and "lead" just to name a few.

I'm the photographer that knows what's going to happen and when and being "on" all day to document every moment.

I care about your wedding day and when you hire me, I make it my mission to photograph everything.

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"How do you describe your style of wedding photography?"

Journalistic, unposed, documentary, modern, lifestyle, light & bright, dark and moody are all great words that most couples have heard when hearing about wedding photographer styles. I will try and give you a break down of what all of these styles mean.

My style can reflect any one of these types of photography and how I typically try and educate my clients is by letting them know that the light on your wedding day can definitely dictate the look of your photos first off, then the editing will play a huge role as part 2.


Most of the wedding day will be captured in this style. Journalistic wedding coverage is the documentation of the wedding day without interruption, setting up the scene or posing. A journalistic photographer creates portraits in a natural setting without directing anyone.

Like I said, this is how I will photograph most of the day. You can hire me to be 100% journalistic where I will capture the day completely unobtrusively like a "fly on the wall" type of photography.

My style of journalism is a little less cold and a little more directed. My clients love that I put them in great light and let the moments happen.

  • A true photojournalist will just watch and photograph no matter what the situation.....messy bridal suite or dark room.
  • A semi-journalistic photographer with stage the scene and illicit the moment and ask for fake reactions and laughter in order to create a journalistic effect.
  • ME...... i'll put you in great light and let the moments happen naturally. I'll send dad to you and let the moments happen. I'll ask your bridesmaids to help you get dressed and just document the true moments and reactions that happen without staging it.


A traditional wedding photographer typically will work off a shot list and create camera aware portraits in certain locations. The scenes will be scouted beforehand and the couple will be perfectly posed and styled.

ME..... I'll spend up to an hour alone with my couple wherever they choose to go. We'll walk around together and when I see great light we'll stop and i'll take pictures. I try and keep my couples in motion for the most natural looking photos and even when i'm close up i'll photograph them just talking and interacting together. I lot of times they don't even know I'm taking pictures.

I want to give my couples a really great variety of images from their day so I will do a few traditional photos as well. I will also create beautiful portraitscapes which are photos with a great scene or location with a bride and groom.

HOW MUCH ? Prices all up Front


My wedding photography packages are based on hours of coverage. Most of my weddings couples book an average of 8 hours with an engagement session.

My wedding photography prices start at $2200 for micro weddings and elopements and most couples spend around $4000 - $5000 for 8 hours and products including engagement sessions and an album.

When you hire me you'll get a really nice Collingwood wedding photographer who knows what she's doing in any lighting situation. You'll also get a super organized business model with your own portal and online gallery including a shopping cart so your friends and family can order their own prints and you can enjoy a relaxing honeymoon.


When you secure me for your wedding day you'll also get someone who will keep you on time and organized throughout the day and if you don't have a wedding coordinator you'll be happy to have me.

When it's time to compare me to other photographers in the area, make sure you comparing the same experience to experience.

  • If you're seeing all the photos on the website photographed on a beach or in a forest then it's probably all they do.
  • If all the photos are light and bright .... what happens if it's raining or your getting ready room has no windows and it's dark.
  • If you're having a winter wedding and your ceremony is in the dark.
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