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PAMA Art Gallery Wedding Photographer

The bride was heading down the staircase when I ask her to stop and lean against the wall for me at The PAMA Art Gallery. The staircase had beautiful light and curves and I saw this image right away.

It will not be unusual for me to take random portraits throughout your day at locations when I see some great light or shapes. I will take less than 30 seconds of your time to capture an image and have you continue on with your day.

The image below is another type of bridal portrait I will also capture on your wedding day. I will photograph you alone at a couple different times throughout your day easily and without interrupting the flow of the wedding.

Peel Art Gallery Wedding Photographer

Bride Groom Kissing in Back of Car:  Toronto WeddingBride Groom Kissing in Back Seat:  Toronto Wedding
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Location: Pama Art Gallery, 9 Wellington St E, Brampton, ON L6W 1Y1.

Keywords: bridal portrait (36), Pama Art Gallery (2). 1/500; f/5.6; ISO 5000; 24.0 mm.

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