1. Hamilton Wedding Photographer
  2. Toronto Intersection Photo with Wedding Couple
  3. Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre Photographer
  4. emr5y54xneo
  5. Bride Managing Veil on Windy Day: Owen Sound Wedding
  6. Costa Rica Wedding Photographer
  7. Best Journalistic Photographer Toronto
  8. Bride groom exit after ceremony at Serenity Cottage
  9. Modern Bride Walking in Harsh Light: Belcroft Photographer
  10. Mom in Wheelchair: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  11. Bride Groom Walking by Castle: Black White Wedding
  12. Priest Winking: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  13. Bride with Veil Putting on Shoes: Toronto Photography
  14. Champagne Tower Photos at Collingwood Wedding
  15. Bride Getting Ready: Black and White Wedding Photography
  16. Greek Ceremony Exit: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  17. Brides Hair Blowing in Wind: Collingwood wedding Photographer
  18. Groom Stuffs Wedding Dress in Convertible
  19. Champagne Spray Photos in Black and White
  20. Gladstone House Wedding Photographer
  21. Bride Plays with Veil: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  22. Bridesmaids Fluffing Dress: Collingwood Photographer
  23. First Dance Photos Black & White: Belcroft Estate Photographer
  24. Bride & Groom Intro at The Georgian Bay Club Clarksburg
  25. Bride and Groom First Look at Lakefront Cottage
  26. Classic Bride & Wedding Party in Black Dresses at Belcroft
  27. Bride Groom Walking Up Staircase at Brampton Wedding Venue
  28. Bride First Look: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  29. Guest Captures with Champagne Toasts at Adamo Wedding
  30. Black and White Wedding Pictures of Bride Groom
  31. Bride Groom Travelling in Luxury Car
  32. Candid Photo of Bride Walking Upstairs at GTA Wedding
  33. Bride Groom Walking Into Omni King Edward Hotel Toronto
  34. Bride Laughs During Ceremony: Black and White Wedding
  35. Bride Takes Off Shoes: Black and White Photographer
  36. Receiving Line Hugs: Collingwood Wedding Photographer
  37. Groom Kisses Brides Shoulder While Taking Portraits
  38. First Look Photo: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  39. Candid Photo of Bride Getting Ready at Adamo Winery
  40. Wedding Couple Walks Across Busy City Street
  41. Jewish Wedding Photographer
  42. Groom Whispers and Bride Starts Laughing
  43. David Springer Estate Wedding Photography
  44. Bride Groom Grand Entrance at The Belcroft Estate
  45. Tearful Bride: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  46. Father Daughter Walking Down Aisle and Laughing
  47. Groom Escorts Bride Across Toronto Street
  48. Sun in Flower Girls Eye During Ceremony at Adamo Estate
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  50. Best Toronto Journalistic Photographer
  51. Ceremony Exit in Harsh Light at The Belcroft Estate
  52. Jewish Candid Photographer at Toronto Wedding Reception
  53. Groom Portrait with Bride in Background
  54. Candid Groomsmen Photo at Jewish Wedding
  55. Luxury Wedding Photographer Captures Candid Photos
  56. Black and White Photos of Reception Moments
  57. Best GTA Wedding Photographer
  58. First Dance: Tamahaac Wedding Photographer
  59. Reportage Wedding Photography
  60. Photojournalism Records Moments Between a Couple
  61. Bride Groom Giggling Uncontrollably in Photos
  62. Photojournalism Captures a First Look with Bridesmaids
  63. Bride Groom Kiss by Bus Stop: Black and White Photographer
  64. Groomsmen Getting Ready at The Hotel Bar
  65. Dad Watching Ceremony: Owen Sound Wedding Photographer
  66. Reportage Wedding Photographer
  67. Groom Sheds a Tear at Wedding Ceremony
  68. Ceremony Exit at Alpine Ski Club in Collingwood
  69. Guest Candids During Cocktail Hour at Weddings
  70. Photojournalistic Portrait of Bride Adjusting Ball Gown
  71. The Broadview Hotel Journalistic Wedding Photographer
  72. Bride Running in Garden Light: Millcroft Inn Wedding
  73. Bridesmaids First Look: Journalistic Wedding Photographer
  74. Flower Girl Portrait While Hanging On to Dads Leg
  75. Bride and Flower Girl Dance: Toronto Wedding Photographer
  76. Harsh Light Photo of Back of Brides Dress
  77. Groom Prep Photo in Restaurant: Toronto Wedding Photographer
  78. Journalistic Wedding Photography Georgian Bay
  79. Sister Putting on Brides Bracelet: Hanover Wedding Photographer
  80. Bride Groom Head Back to Reception: Black White Photography
  81. Reportage Wedding Day Photographer in Toronto
  82. Black White Wedding Photographer in Amsterdam
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  84. Bride Groom Kissing in Limo with Harsh Light
  85. Candid Guest Captures: Toronto Wedding Photographer
  86. Tie Tying Lesson: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  87. Bride Portrait on Wedding Day: Black and White Photographer
  88. Groom Picks up Bride at Belcroft Estate & Event Wedding
  89. Group Photo Friends of the Groom
  90. Groom Cries When Bride Arrives: Black and White Photographer
  91. Black and White Wedding Photography
  92. Capturing Photos of Bride Walking up Stairs with Photojournalism
  93. Journalistic Photo of Groom Kissing Bride on Cheek
  94. Black and White Wedding Pictures
  95. Journalistic Photographer in Toronto
  96. Journalistic Bridal Portrait at The Millcroft Inn & Spa
  97. Bride Groom Kissing in Back of Car: Toronto Wedding
  98. Bride Groom Exit: Alpine Ski Club Wedding Photographer
  99. Bride Groom in City: Black and White Wedding Photographer
  100. Blurry Wedding Photos Trend in Toronto
  101. Journalistic Wedding Photographer in Alliston
  102. Couple Toasting Guest: Toronto Wedding Photographer
  103. Best Amsterdam Journalistic Wedding Photographer
  104. Amsterdam Wedding Ceremony Photographer
  105. Grooms Father Cries at Ceremony: Black and White Photographer
  106. Backlit Portrait of Bride Groom: Kortright Eventspace
  107. Roseville Estate Wedding Photography
  108. Toronto Knox College Permit Fees
  109. Burroughes Building Wedding Silhouette
  110. Wedding Party Photo in Front of Toronto Hotel
  111. Tappattoo Resort Wedding Photography
  112. Journalistic Photos of Bride Getting Ready
  113. Springer Estate Wedding with Classic Car
  114. Old Fat Guy Walks in Front of Wedding Party Photo
  115. Mississauga Wedding Photographer
  116. Akumal Bay Beach Mexico Wedding Photographer
  117. Bridesmaids Crying During Ceremony at Doctor's House
  118. Bride Runs to Get Vows for Wedding Ceremony in Muskoka
  119. Bridesmaids Taking Photo of Bride: Toronto Photographer
  120. Bride Carries Dress While Mom Cries: Photojournalism
  121. Photojournalism Captures Bride Admiring Veil in Mirror
  122. Photojournalism Wedding Photographer
  123. Documenting a Wedding with Photojournalism
  124. Wedding Party Toast With Scotch at Toronto Wedding
  125. Guest Reactions to Bride at Goderich Wedding
  126. Groom Trips Over Brides Dress at Hockley Valley Resort
  127. Dancing Photos at South Asian Milni Celebration
  128. Photojournalism Capture of Bride Playing with Dress
  129. Bride Running in Ballgown: Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer
  130. Journalistic Wedding Photographer at Southshore Centre
  131. Bride and Groom Laughing Out Loud on Wedding Day
  132. 3jfux01bfkv
  133. Bride and Groom Enter Reception Room: Journalistic Photographer
  134. Bride on Windy Day with Veil: Mildreds Temple Kitchen Wedding
  135. Bride Groom Walking at Adamo Estate Winery Wedding
  136. Dramatic Light Bridal Portrait
  137. Black & White Candid of Bridesmaids Walking at Belcroft
  138. Wedding Party in Snow: Black and White Photographer
  139. Ceremony Exit Hand Kiss at Legends Estate Winery
  140. Couple Listening to Speeches at Captain Table
  141. Bride Groom First Dance in Tent at The Belcroft Centre
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  143. nocds211ere
  144. rcvuv05dhog
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  152. u5fiqggz2t5
  153. zbf0zsaywd4
  154. Nithridge Estate Weddings & Events Photography
  155. Bridal Portrait: The Golf Club at Lora Bay Wedding
  156. Club at Bond Head Golf Wedding Photographer
  157. Back of the Lake at The Millcroft Inn and Spa
  158. Wedding Photographer at Bear Estate
  159. MOH Holding Brides Dress While Walking at Belcroft
  160. Candid Wedding Photos at Owen Sound Backyard Event

Collingwood & Toronto Candid Photography

These photographs show samples of my portfolio as an event photographer in Collingwood & Toronto

These portfolios showcase a wide range of candid photography moments at private and public events, weddings, conferences, social and religious parties, bar and bat-mitzvahs.

Wikepedia Definition of Photojournalism is:

Photojournalism is journalism that uses images to tell a news story. It usually only refers to still images, but can also refer to video used in broadcast journalism. Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography (such as documentary photography, social documentary photography, war photography, street photography and celebrity photography) by having a rigid ethical framework which demands an honest but impartial approach that tells a story in strictly journalistic terms. Photojournalists contribute to the news media, and help communities connect with one other. They must be well-informed and knowledgeable, and are able to deliver news in a creative manner that is both informative and entertaining.

Similar to a writer, a photojournalist is a reporter, but they must often make decisions instantly and carry photographic equipment, often while exposed to significant obstacles, among them immediate physical danger, bad weather, large crowds, and limited physical access to their subjects.

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