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To do 6-8 months out

Here is a to-do check list for your 6-9 months out.

We will help you plan every step of the way with your wedding photography

To do 6-9 months out

  • select and book caterer
  • select and book officiant ( minister, priest, rabbi, other)
  • select wedding crew
  • give wedding crew a list of their responsibilities
  • select & buy attire for bridesmaids and flower girl
  • select &buy attire for mothers of the bride & groom
  • select & buy groom suit or partners outfit ( he or she deserves a fantastic outfit .... great investment for future events too)
  • select & book ceremony musicians
  • select & book live band or DJ for reception
  • select & book videographer
  • select & book florist
  • register for you wedding gifts (this can be done sooner)

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