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Collingwood Portrait Photographer

I am a Collingwood portrait photographer providing my clients with professional images such as family photography, corporate headshots and environmental portraits.

Family Portrait Photographer

You can see by looking at my family photography portfolio that I photograph natural and real moments as well as camera aware portraits.

However, my clients hire me for the unposed, candid moments that families have together showcasing their unique personalities.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera which is why I excel at direction if you need it. Every family loves that I can elicit natural and candid photos out of them by directing them on what to do with a few simple subtle cues.

I care about your family portraits and when you hire me, I make it my mission to photograph each of you and your personalities.

Corporate Headshots

Headshots are an important business facing line of personal marketing. A professional headshot is needed for an online profile, real estate advertising and general professional representation.

Corporate clients hire me to photograph their staff in a uniform style such as plain backdrops in light or dark wall on site.

Lifestyle Headshots

Business clients hire me to photograph headshots in their current workplace or professional environment such as inside homes for real estate clients, or storefronts for shop owners.

Environmental Headshots

Headshots created outdoors at a location of your choice. Can be at home or park or simply the street. Every headshot created in an environmental setting will typically have a blurred background to focus on the subject being photographed. Environmental headshots are ideal for online dating profiles and social media.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental or on-location portraits are photos of families or individuals taken in available light. These photographs are typically captured outdoors and in some cases I will use natural light such as window light for indoor portraits. Examples of this style of portrait can be seen in my environmental portrait portfolio.

We'll meet for the first time on the day of your session and we'll go over the specific details you would like to showcase such as certain groupings or individual needs. Before your session you'll have received and filled out a detailed questionnaire about your photography requirements.

Portrait sessions can happen any time of day, but certain time slots will elicit different looks in your images.

Golden hour photos are a favourite and taken 2 hours before sunset. Clear days will be a requirement for golden hour portraits and may not always happen on the chosen date but we will still create beautiful images no matter what the lighting situation.

Do you need direction in front of the camera? Do you want me to help you throughout the whole process by keeping you in motion and giving you subtle cues? The best way to pull this off during your environmental portraits is to schedule a consultation with me so we can discuss you needs and expectations for your environmental portraits.

Further details about locations for environmental and family portraits can be found in my resourceful articles for Collingwood Portrait Locations.

ZED and Comp Cards

A ZED or comp card is a promotional card used by actors and models seeking work at agencies or movie and television sets.

Typically, a comp card design often includes the model or actors best headshot, name, phone number and social media details.

On the reverse side, the card will usually show a few more images showcasing the persons experience and style including measurements and professional experience details.

Becoming a successful model will entail having prospective agencies believing your appeal to mesh with their advertising agency needs therefore a comprehensive visually diverse comp card is essential for bookings.

I can capture the many different photos you will require to get you noticed. In a single photo session we'll be able to diversify your look and style. Multiple locations and backdrops will essentially showcase your ability to be diverse.


Portrait Pricing


When you secure me for your portraits you'll get someone with a flexible schedule, knowledge of great on site locations, and expertise in lighting.

When it's time to compare me to other photographers in the area, make sure you're comparing the same experience to experience.

  • If you're seeing all the photos on the website with a white backdrop or dark similar backdrop they are probably photos shot in studio.
  • I can provide dark and moody feeling to your portraits or light and airy if you prefer.
  • If you're looking for an accurate representation of your place of work then you should choose me because we don't add filters or trendy colours to our photos.


Follow these simple instructions and secure yourself an amazing portrait photographer.

  • Look at my quality photos.
  • Contact me to chat about your amazing details.
  • Enjoy your photos.

Lora Bay Family Photographer

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