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As a team of candid wedding photographers, we shoot weddings at Craigleith Ski Club and other venues in Collingwood area.

The perfect example of why you need to choose a creative photographer. Choose a vendor that can photograph a wedding when everything goes wrong, when there's no light or it rains or the timeline falls apart.

Craigleith Ski Club is a beautiful rustic beamed wedding venue with a stone deck overlooking the mountain as your backdrop.

However, they are a ski resort first and foremost and they were doing hill maintenance a week before this wedding ceremony and the hills were torn up and muddy and no longer pretty and green for photos.

Amanda Jerome Events alerted me to the hill situation upon arrival and I was able to photograph their ceremony with minimal backdrop chaos in their photos by being creative in my angles and framing. Amanda Jerome's team added ferns to the decor and we made it work.

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