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Corporate Event Photography Collingwood

I'm a corporate photographer covering events in Collingwood specializing in delivering striking, personal & corporate event photos.

Does your organization need images from an event, then I'm the photographer you need for meetings, conferences, conventions, team building, galas, banquets, political events, holiday party events, Christmas parties, birthday parties and award presentations.

We also include event photography coverage for corporate dinners, fundraising events, retirement parties, golf tournaments, sporting events, non-profit affairs, business retreats, bachelor and bachelorette parties, funerals, and other special events in Collingwood & the adjacent areas.

My style of covering events is journalistic, candid and unobtrusive. We will never disrupt your event or flow of the day.

We are always mindful and respectful in regards to attendees and special needs adults or children.

Meetings, Conferences & Conventions

Unless instructed otherwise, when photographing attendees to events I will strive to showcase the best in your attendees and will attempt to not photograph subjects eating or drinking, frowning, bored, unhappy or inattentive.

Commercial events will receive photographs for their promotional advertising including a wide diversity of age, gender and race whenever possible.

Professional conferences, I photograph individuals involved in the event with other attendees both on and off stages, in hallways during breaks, during the event, team building exercises and generally enjoying the activities.

I will photograph booths and registration to your event, with attendees and without so that you may include the images in your promotional materials. I will document the entire space with wide angle images and also cover individual interactions at each booth location.

Also included in event coverage are signage and branding photos.

If VIP's are present, and you request special attention, I will deliver portraits in a candid style and extra attention will be giving to their role at your event. I've photographed celebrities, CEO's, political figures and have treated them all with respect and grace all while delivering the images you require in a journalistic style. Camera aware portraits are also available when motioned to do so by attendees.

Options for better photos, if requested, I can photograph attendees without badges or drinks in hand. A simple, easy request is implemented to guest in order to deliver a better photograph for a wider range in your marketing materials.

Subjects typically ask me for access to the images, and I can provide that information for your company if instructed in advance. Alternately, the company may provide a card with information and I'm happy to deliver to attendees requesting access to the photographs.

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108 Gordon Crescent, Meaford, ON N4L 0A9 - (416) 526-2005 francesmorency@gmail.com

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