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Elora Mill Wedding Photographer

On our way to Elora Mill we stopped for photos at multiple locations, but as a wedding photographer when I saw this field with a country home in the background I immediately thought it would make a great image for this Gatsby inspired bride.

On our way to Elora Mill Hotel & Spa we stopped at a nearby golf course the family owned for some pictures. This couple loved photography and chose to use 2 hours from their wedding day for wedding portraits at multiple locations.

We stopped at the golf course for 15 minutes then headed to the gorge for 30 minutes and then the Mill for journalistic photography of them walking in the quaint little town and shops before getting iconic Elora Mill photographs too.

It's all about interest in the foreground, background and middle ground. The country scene would have worked without the little house in the background, but it's a thousand times better with it.

We are on a golf course near Elora, Ontario here and when I saw that house I knew I was going to want to photograph my bride alone in that scene.

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Location: Elora Mill, 77 W Mill St, Elora, ON.

Keywords: bridal portrait (40), Golden hour (47), The Elora Mill Hotel and Spa (30). 1/8000; f/1.8; ISO 200; 85.0 mm.

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