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Candid Wedding Photographer

Experienced candid wedding photographer documents the day without interruption & delivers beautiful candid, unposed portraits of couple at Toronto weddings

"we want a photographer who can photograph the day without interruption and still give us beautiful candid portraits we can frame"

Candid Photography a.k.a Photojournalism

Do you want your photographer to direct your day? place you in great light and give you prompts for portraits? Then, that's not a candid wedding photographer.

To me, candid or journalistic style wedding photography is shooting the day without interrupting my couples. We are not setting up first looks or shooting wedding party antics. Instead we are taking pictures of what happens at your event.

The Perfect Couple for Candid Photography

Couples who love candid photography coverage are the couples who know that they have the moments together that are worth photographing.

  • Is one of you attentive to the other?
  • Will a hand always be placed on your back or will you be led into a space or room?
  • Will you get admiring looks throughout the day from each other?
  • Are you fun and expressive?
  • Do you love photography or art in general?
  • Do you NOT want to be fussed over on your wedding day? then a candid photographer is what you need.

Colour vs. Black & White

Yes, we shoot in colour and deliver in black & white too. Candid or journalistic-style wedding photography is best showcased in black and white images that are timeless and not trendy. Black & white photography will stand the test of time and not go out of style like editing trends.

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Black & White photojournalism

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