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What to Wear Families

  • Owen Sound Documentary Family Photographer

  • I get asked all the time, “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR FOR OUR SESSION? ”

  • My families tend to be pretty chic! Somewhat dressed up, but not overly dressed.

  • My moms typically wear jeans and boots or heels or maxi dresses with a little sweater that has some colour.

  • My dads typically where jeans and a blazer of vest over shirt......casual dressy.

  • Family photography in downtown Collingwood

  • If your thing is boots or dresses then that’s what you should focus on.
    His thing might be hats.......whatever it is, it’s who you are and how people describe you, so that’s what we want to capture.


    • If he’s wearing a tux, a bohemian dress with torn off sleeves might not be the best option.

    • If you are an upscale fashionista, help your love find an outfit that matches your level of dressiness.

    • Outfit changes are always welcome – so maybe have one outfit that’s pretty casual and fun, and one that’s a touch more dressy and nice.

    • Work with one basic like denim and dress it up with heels and a pretty blouse for one look, then boots and a sweater for another.
      Be Comfortable.........

    • But leave the work in the garden jeans at home and opt for the dance all night denim you would wear on a date.

  • I suggest you avoid too tight-fitting clothes that might accentuate curves you’re not best friends with.

  • T-shirt material while comfortable is not flattering with all curves so wear something more structured.


  • I love rich colours, and dark colours are always slimming.

  • Something with a little pop always photographs well, but if you’re most “in-love with” shirt is white or off white – don’t be afraid to wear it.

Caledon Family Photographer

  • It’s about you! COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER

  • Yes, compliment, too – but really, wear clothes that are complementary.

  • If you both want to wear red, or orange, or green, try wearing varying hues or shades.

  • Avoid the “we have to match!” mentality, unless you’re just married to the same outfit. In which case – embrace and smile! SPLURGE FOR CLASSY

  • There’s nothing quite like a brand new dress to bring out the fun for a photograph. I love the idea of having a “never been seen” outfit just for those special pictures.

  • A little extra attention to details will certainly show in your photographs. Beautiful jewelry, hair accessories, hats, bracelets and scarves can add a little something to your pictures.

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