Kristi Chuipka , married on 03/06/2017

I honestly can't say enough great things about Frances. It was totally by chance that we found her, it was a recommendation on a Ontario wide wedding Facebook group that someone else had asked for that I just so happened to have seen. This bride recommended Frances and I haven't looked back since. Our initial thought of Frances was she was very efficient in responding to her emails which was check mark one for me. After our Skype consultation we knew she was perfect, her energy and vision was perfect and don't even get me started on her portfolio of incredible photos.
We felt so comfortable during our engagement photos, and after seeing the results, the 11 months until our wedding couldn't come fast enough as we were so eager for our wedding day.
On our wedding day, we didn't feel like Frances was even there thats how good at her job she is, like a ninja, not in the way of us or guests but happened to capture the most breathtaking photos.
For us, one thing we did not budget was a photographer, you can not put a price tag on photos and memorizes and we didn't want to limit ourselves. That being said for the photo Frances gave us, you would think she costs much more. I have had so many people ask me who our photographer was and I happily tell them Frances Morency Photography and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone.

Taylor & Max - September 2018


Ahhh where do I begin? Thenk you! Thank you for capturing the day just as it was. The photos are absolutely STUNNING!You worked so hard on that "hot as hell" day and I can't thank you enough for that. I am already looking forward to our next photo adventure and I never ever thought I would say that!

Thanks for making us so comfortable! - Taylor & Max

Sandy & Paul - October 2017


We could not be more impressed by you, & Andrew's work in capturing the beautiful moments on our special day ( as well as our engagement shoot)!

with much appreciation, Sandy & Paul

Hannah Hyder July 2017

Hi Frances,

You did an AMAZING job capturing the moments. I was so taken back by your images that I almost cried. THANK you so much!!. I also regret not having you for my wedding as I discovered you so late, but I will definitely shoot with you from now on, on any of my future events.

I can't stop looking at these photos!.

Also can you please change the caption on your website from Indian bridal shower to Pakistani dholki (pre wedding music event).

As that's what it is, just in case someone from my background wants to shoot with you so they can see.

Wow Frances you are truly the best, your observation is exceptional. Hannah

Marlene Teves - March 2018

Breath taking

Frances is amazing at what she does! Her eye for detail is exactly what we were looking for in a photographer. She's fast, friendly, professional, fun and her work is unique. All her photos are always different with different emotions felt when looking at them. We are beyond happy we had her as our photographer.

Thanks for your beautiful work France!!

Allie - August 2018

Amazing experience and beautiful photos

I cannot speak highly enough of Frances. We had our engagement and wedding photographed by her and it was a great experience. Frances and her associate were so friendly, so professional and knew how to direct everyone efficiently. She kept in contact with us regularly and answered our questions very quickly. She was a pleasure to work with and a really down to earth kinda gal!. The photographs also were so beautiful. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone who needs a photographer.

Natali Baldassarra , married on 28/07/2018

Amazing wedding photographer!

Frances is simply the best!

Her beautiful photos captured our wedding at the Alton Mill Art Centre so perfectly! She was professional start to finish and so much fun to work with! She is quick in responding and flexible with changes and sends out great communications and updates leading up to your big day. We more than highly recommend her!
Russul Al-Rawi , married on 27/07/2018

Frances was the photographer our engagement party and I couldn't be happier with her services. She was on time, professional, willing, and had an eye for great pictures. She is creative and great to work with. Thank you so much Frances! We appreciate all your efforts and work!
Hillary Dennys , married on 16/06/2018

What a fabulous photographer!

I would hire Frances over and over and over again without a doubt. She is thorough, creative and knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and how to make it happen. Her directing us easily throughout our wedding day took enormous stress off of my husband and I. Her work is fabulous!

Heather Adamick , married on 17/03/2018

Frances was so much more than a wedding photographer to us

Frances was easily the best decision we made for our wedding.

I have to admit, when we were originally looking for a wedding photographer, it had felt like it was just another thing to cross off on our wedding planning check-box for us. That is until we met Frances...

The way she worked with us to optimize the schedule in advance of the day. The way she showed up with this infectious energy. The way she managed her time, and got the details right. Rest assured, she will find the shot even in the briefest of moments, and in outdated hotel rooms.

Oh, and then we saw the photos.

I wasn't expecting to feel the way I did! It took me by surprise.

I find myself sneaking glimpses of the photos at work. Showing everyone proudly. Reflecting on the real-life moments through the photos.

She was so much more than a wedding photographer to us, and I am so appreciative that there are talented, motivated people like her out there.

Meredith , married on 14/10/2017

This was an amazing experience! After the friend-of-a-friend who was supposed to be our photographer ghosted weeks before the wedding, Frances replied right away and arranged for the perfect package for us (we only wanted a couple hours of photos rather than a full day) and the online survey to select specific options was quick and painless. The photographs are simple, natural, and elegant; we were completely blown away. The associate photographer immediately got what we were looking for and captured wonderful moments. Flawless, exactly the journalistic approach we were looking for.

Julia Caldwell , married on 01/10/2017

Great experience

Frances was a great choice for a wedding photographer! She made us both feel comfortable. She responded to emails quickly. She got our photos back to us within the very reasonable timeline that we both agreed upon. Most importantly, our photos are absolutely beautiful!

Madison Hollidge , married on 18/08/2017

Frances was amazing! She has now photographed two of my friends weddings and they have both turned out stunning! She makes everyone feel at ease when she is photographing you, and this really shows in the photos. She also pays such attention to detail and catches those little details and the way she is able to capture the lighting in a room or outside is breath taking. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Elaine Smith , married on 29/07/2017

Frances was amazing! She was the photographer at my friends wedding and that day I decided if I got married she would be my first call. I did , and she was! She has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera which was very important to me because I am naturally quite shy.

From a professional standpoint, she arrived on time, prepared, with an awesome second shooter and a positive attitude. My wedding planner even said she'd never worked with a more organized photographer.

My wedding pictures are amazing. She captured the laughter and tears beautifully, even in harsh lighting at times.
Thank you Frances for making my wedding day so perfect!

Anna Zagvozdina , married on 15/07/2017

Frances and her associate photographer Andrew were absolutely amazing to work with. The pictures from both our engagement shoots and the wedding day turned out amazing. Me and my husband couldn't have asked for a better team for our special day. I would definitely recommend them!

Tracey Chaves , married on 01/07/2017

Thank you for your superb work, the photos are absolutely beautiful, you and Markus managed to capture our special day moment by moment. Chris and I are truly amazed by them, each one is unique and we relive the memories and emotions every time we look at them. You were so professional and discrete and yet captured so many beautiful moments between family and friends. I love the journalistic style, so discreet and voyeuristic, we look so natural with genuine smiles, tears, and laughter. Love the VEIL SHOTS! Haha. All the most important moments were captured. Thank you so much.

Mindy Chaves , married on 01/07/2017

My daughter's wedding day was captured beautifully in Frances' photographs. Loved the venue and all the outdoor photos looked so natural. Love the way she captures the moment without asking for posses.

Hannah Hyder , married on 01/07/2017

If there were more stars than 5 to rate this photographer, I would!! Frances deserves to be praised for her extremely professional and friendly persona that exemplifies her work. Her photography is exceptional. It has greater value because she provides good direction during photography sessions and knows how to work with people. She knows how to bring the best from people and what looks great. Her photos are not just images. They have a timeless quality to it by all the expressions and gestures she captures. She has really gone above and beyond to work with me on all of my wedding events. She's an independent and a creative thinker. You've really got to work with this photographer to understand and appreciate the value she brings on to the table. I would recommend Frances to anyone who really cares about photography and looking for someone to capture their most precious life moments.

Aly Hegmans , married on 17/06/2017

Working with Frances was one of the BEST decisions we made for our wedding! She is creative, personable and makes you feel totally at ease in front of the camera. It takes more than a good photographer to get photos like hers. It takes knowledge and experience working with people on what can be a very emotional day. Her kind and steady direction makes all the difference in keeping those wedding nerves under control. Thank you Frances for capturing all of our special moments!

Michelle Hrynyk , married on 16/06/2017

Frances is a great photographer who will do anything to get the shot! even wade around in a dirty river! we were all blown away by her dedication. She did a great job of keeping everyone on track and I am happy with my photos.


Well first of all, Frances is the best! I got married on New Year's Eve and she was down a photographer but managed to find two amazing guys (one did the first half the other did the second half) that helped us out on our special day and gave us AMAZING photos! She was so easy to work with and just look at her work and you'll fall in love! Best advice I ever took was "hire a good photograph for your wedding" and I couldn't be happier that I did. : )

Kylie Patterson , married on 26/11/2016

my email when I saw my photos


I just wanted to email you and let you know i have spent the last hour laughing, happy tears and remembering sentimental moments all thanks to you guys and the amazing photos! i have said it before but i am so happy that you photographed and captured our day!! the pictures are even more beautiful then i would have imagined! i cannot wait to share them with everyone!!!!

thank you guys again for all you did and the amazing work!

Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!

Ashley , married on 13/08/2016

What I wanted most was a photographer who could go with the flow and offer us candid shots while making us, and our guests, feel comfortable. Frances and her assistant were down to earth, easy to work with and got the most out of our day. The photos are amazing and just what we were looking for. I was a set it and forget it kind of bride, offering very little direction to Frances. The photos we received clearly showed she was adaptable and on the same wavelength.

Rachael Markaroff , married on 07/11/2015

Frances did an absolutely stunning job with our wedding photos. We have beautifully captured, priceless moments we never even saw in some cases, recorded for years to come. Frances' work is priceless. Do not overlook her services. I researched long and hard to find the perfect person and Frances went above and beyond all expectations. She made amazing use of resources she had. We also had an extremely tight timeline for our wedding day photos and I was a sad we wouldn't have time to capture enough, but Frances did it!! She is professional from start to finish and honestly for me a very reassuring part of my wedding day! Thank you Frances for all your amazing time, effort and last but not least priceless work!

Charlotte Fernandes , married on 07/11/2015

Francis was amazing and she captured the most beautiful unexpected moments which were priceless . We will recommend her to all couples that we know getting married. Thanks for making the day so special and for capturing all the nice pictures.

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