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Why an editing expert is important


Imagine all the photos you're NOT getting!  An inexperienced photographer is discarding images instead of editing. 

Editing your images is just as important as taking the photograph.  

We capture the moments that are happening but then we create the image in editing. Every image you receive from FMP is personally looked at and edited individually.  This is why we require 6 weeks to deliver your online gallery.  

Here are some before and afters to explain what a straight out of camera image looks like and a finished completely edited image: 

Candid Photo of Dad During Amsterdam Wedding Ceremony

What the camera sees and what I see are completely different.  I envision the final image while I'm taking the photos.  The light was just going down over the hill and I grabbed one last opportunity for this image. 

This image was created by placing my bride and bridesmaids in the great light, letting the moments happen and creating the final image in post production with slight tweaks.  

This image had great light and composition was there, but it was much more impactful as a BW image. 

The sky was NOT added, but enhanced for a dramatic sunset photo.  It was important that we were there at the right time of day and that there were clouds present. 

Sunset wedding photos at Lora Bay, Thornbury