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"WHAT I LEARNED FROM COVID-19......my brides were so happy to have chosen a studio with associates. Great backup photographers in place for any emergency."


The first look with my dad was so special. I chose that over the first look with my husband-to-be and couldn't have been happier with the raw emotions captured by your team
Wedding Processional:  Graydon Hall Manor Photographer
Dad Walking Bride Down Aisle at Hockley Valley Wedding
Shoe Photos While Bride is Walking at Toronto Wedding
Georgian Bay Club Wedding Photographer
Graydon Hall Manor Groom Preparations Photographer
Cluny Bistro Wedding Photographer
Journalistic Wedding Photo:  A Walk in the Park
Wedding Couple in Fall Scene
Silhouette and Backlit Photos on Your Wedding Day
Best Millcroft Inn & Spa Wedding Photographer
Wedding Party with Horses:  Thornbury Wedding Photographer
Journalistic Wedding Photographer:  Walking Down the Street
Bride Portrait on Stairs:  Graydon Hall Manor Wedding
Wedding Party Photos:  Caledon Ski Club Photographer
Bride and Groom Under Veil at Knollwood Golf Wedding
Best Journalistic Wedding Photographer
Junction Brewery Portrait of Wedding Couple
Bride Groom with Horses:  Thornbury Wedding Photographer
Canadian Mountain Dad First Look:  Markdale Photographer
The Georgian Bay Club Wedding Pricing
Georgian Bay Wedding Pictures
Double Exposure:  Toronto Wedding Photographer
Hazelton Manor Wedding Decor Photos
Korean Wedding Ceremony
First Look:  Markdale Wedding Photographer
Wedding Portrait with View:  Thornbury Wedding
Silhouette with Blue Sky:  Brampton Wedding Photographer
Bride Toast:  Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding
Walkerton Wedding Pictures
Best Toronto Wedding Photo of Couple
Grand Entrance With Bride Groom at Mississauga Convention
Bride Groom Speeches at Hazelton Manor Wedding
Caledon Ski Club Wedding Photographer
Junction Brewery Wedding Photographer
Silhouette in Church Window at Toronto Wedding
Couple Walking on Dock at Muskoka Wedding
Bride Groom Kissing:  Edward Gardens Wedding Photography
Bride Groom Kissing in Park:  Toronto Wedding Photographer
Wedding Party Photos with CN Tower:  Toronto Photographer
Choreographed First Dance:  Hazelton Manor Photographer
Bridesmaids Pink Dresses:  Thornbury Wedding Photographer
Junction Craft Brewery Journalist Portrait of Couple
The Georgian Bay Club Wedding
Mountain Top Wedding Ceremony at Blue Mountain
First Dance:  Tamahaac Wedding Photographer
First Dance:  Toronto Wedding Photographer
Reception Photography:  Mississauga Convention Centre
Journalistic Photograph of Bride Groom Moment While Dancing
Journalistic Photos of Brides Walking on Wedding Day
Walking Down the Stairs:  Collingwood Wedding Photographer
Bride Groom Kiss in Limo:  Thornbury Photographer
Close Crop Wedding Portrait with Bouquet
Veil Wrapped Around Couple:  Toronto Wedding Photographer
Wedding Couple Overlooking a View at Niagara Wedding
Ceremony Exits or Recessional:  Niagara Wedding Photographer
Journalistic Wedding Portrait of Couple Laughing
Junction Craft Brewery Wedding Ceremonies
Pink Bridesmaids Dresses:  Collingwood Photographer
Bride Groom Saying Hello to Grandmother at Wedding
Creative Wedding Photos:  Toronto Photographer
Detail Photos at Markdale Wedding
Groom Dips Bride:  Brampton Wedding Photographer
Photos with Grandparents:  Thornbury Wedding Photographer
Ceremony Exit Wedding Photo at Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

My Team of Photographers

My associates are fantastic lead photographers in their own rights.

  • years of experience running their own wedding business
  • years of experience working along side me or for me
  • well rounded photographers who are not interested in the business part of photography
  • passionate about weddings and capturing the memories
  • talented, eager, have great work ethic
  • dedicated to journalistic style photography, but also fantastic with family formals and lighting.

We all take the same approach to wedding photography and I trust them with all my clients and their families. It’s important to have someone with you all day who will be confident, friendly and experienced. Capable of keeping you on schedule and photographing everything that is happening without interrupting your day.

Andrew journalistic & creative

Khristel Well Rounded Coverage
Samarra Creative and Artistic
Melissa Candid and Fun Fun Fun
ELAINE Moody, Documentary & Creative

"Choose an associate because they’re incredibly talented people and because I trust them enough to send them to my clients"

Now, just because I can’t be there on the day doesn’t mean that I’m not there every step of the way to make sure you have a wonderful experience with Frances Morency Photography.

  • I WILL….. photograph your engagement!
  • I WILL….. take care of communications and business process.
  • I WILL … handle all the photo editing.
  • I WILL … do all the custom album designs.

Contact US

Andrew - Journalistic to a T. Master at capturing those moments you didn't even know happened. Andrew is inconspicuous and if you want to be left alone all day and still have amazing coverage this is your guy. Of course still great at family and formal portraits.

Khristel - An all around great photographer with a great personality who will capture your day like I would and you'll probably ask her to stick around and enjoy the party. A well rounded documentation of your wedding day.

Samarra - Made the decision to become an associate photographer for the LOVE of shooting. Sometimes you want to dedicate time to family instead of business, editing and album product design......great compromise for pro photogs to become an associate photographer. Photographers hire her to photograph their wedding.

Melissa - My right hand second shooter since 2016 is now a great lead photographer. Funny, ambitious, and a great family photographer. Melissa is so good now she'll be photographing as a lead photographer in 2019 because she's that good.

Max - An all around great photographer and a super addition to any wedding day. I love his eye for detail and emotion. He's super confident, self taught and knowledgable all things photography.

Elaine - Sees light like I do and will place you in great light and capture images as they are happening. She's super positive, nice and efficient all the qualities you want from someone with you all day.

A budget is no joke! But, it also doesn't mean you should sacrifice experience and quality.


Although your budget dictates the level of photographer you can afford to hire it doesn't mean you should have less quality ...... so hire us to take care of everything.

We have photographers available for every budget and we will work out the best timeline for you so that you can take advantage of quality editing and experienced photographers without sacrificing your budget.

You will get access to all of Frances Morency Photography’s wedding preparation information, and everything that I provide to my own brides. You will get treated the same as every one of my clients.


When you hire an Associate Photographer with our team, you are gaining access to years and years of experience and not just shooting experience, but wedding day experience. Every wedding day chaos, every complicated family drama, we have seen it all. So instead of hiring a photographer who is “just figuring it all out” you are able to have access to professionals who have been through it all........ making up time when hair and makeup runs late, taking advantage of moments of lull for candid portraits, ...... and keeping you on schedule all day long. We are continuously networking to solve any new issues and help each other out with situations with venues or other vendors.


More and more over the years, I've come across photographers who just want to shoot and not do any of the day to day tasks of running a business. My team loves to shoot and dealing with the clients on the wedding day. Then they deliver the files to my office and we do the rest. My office takes care of all the editing, album design, print orders and essential business aspects that make for a smooth and amazing experience.


Not only is it important to have a training session before the big day, but this is when you get to work with Frances Morency for a couple hours. She will teach you how to be natural in front of the camera, give you direction for the best possible photos so that on your wedding day.......you can just relax and enjoy the process.

Book an Associate because they are the best

108 Gordon Crescent, Meaford, ON N4L 0A9 - (416) 526-2005 francesmorency@gmail.com

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