Costa Rica Destination Wedding Photographer

I travelled with this group to Riu Palace Costa Rica as their wedding photographer.

I travel with the group and stay with the group for 4-5 + days. I'll document the wedding day and any pre-ceremony events and a private couples session after the wedding in stunning locations.

The Wedding Day Timeline was Perfection


  • photographer arrives at bridal preparations
  • photograph all details such as dress, heirlooms, flowers, rings, shoes, invitations
  • Choose a suite if possible that is the least cluttered and ask room service to clean and set up this room as soon as you leave for breakfast. Sometimes it's best to choose a room that is not your own as you will have the most clutter with all the wedding gear.
  • Hide all luggage and toiletries, put all clothes in closets
  • Hang you dress and place accessories on the bed ready to be photographed.
  • Make sure you have both sets of rings

  • 215pm -315pm
  • bride getting ready
  • all other ladies to be dressed and ready to help bride by this time!!!
  • bridal portrait ( 5min. w/ bride alone )

Sunset Wedding Ceremony:  Costa Rica Destination Photo

320pm - 420pm

  • first look session with bride and groom
  • bride groom photos around the property

420pm - 445pm

  • bridal party photos
  • close to ceremony location

445 pm

  • groom and bridal party go to ceremony location

5pm - 530pm

  • ceremony set at golden hour and sunset

530pm - 6 pm

  • bride groom sunset photo if ceremony not delayed
  • family photos
  • group photo of all guests if possible
  • walk to cocktail hour and photograph bride groom portraits on the way

6 pm - 7 pm

  • cocktail hour and guest captures

7 pm

  • grand entrances

715 pm -845 pm

  • dinner/speeches

845 pm

  • BG first dance
  • parent dances


  • party starts
  • night photo

9pm - 945pm

  • reception coverage

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