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Wedding Photography Tips

What you should know about hiring photographers

  • make sure the website images show a variety of lighting situations……. harsh light, overcast, rain, indoors, flash, video light, night photo, sunset photo.
  • make sure they have pro cameras with dual card slots for immediate backup of wedding files.
  • make sure they have backup equipment on the day of …..multiple bodies, more than 4 lenses, multiple flashes, many many memory cards, video lights, tripods, proper editing software, backup and safety backup of your event photos.
  • your photographer should also have a business system in place to handle all the day to day business affairs such as contracts, business license, liability insurance, a reliable vehicle and a system in place to keep track of all the emails, contracts, galleries, image delivery and other business affairs.
  • your photographer will be passionate about photography in order to care about the images they capture for you. Your photographer will work full time as a photographer and NOT part-time for extra cash.
  • your photographer will care to show up on your wedding day.
  • your photographer will have a TEAM of pro photographers to assure you that a comparable photographer will show up if they are not available.
  • your photographer will be excellent at editing and will deliver your images in reasonable time frame.
  • best of all I will be nice, respectful, prompt, efficient and keep your day on schedule to the best of my abilities.

Top Questions You Need to Ask


You've looked at so many wedding photographer sites and you keep coming back to mine. There's a reason you connect with my photos and I would love to capture those memories for you too.
You'll notice i'm experienced in all lighting situations and all types of locations. My works shows the diversity in race, culture, ethnicity, flash, available light, window light, video light and all the unknown lighting situations that happen on a wedding day, in a church, a park, a mountain and even a canoe.
You need me if:
  • You need someone to keep you on track on the day of the wedding.
  • You want photos of candid moments more than posed portraits.
  • You want photos with great light and someone who knows how to work with light.
  • You want someone who is nice, polite and professional with your guests.
  • You want someone who delivers your images early 90% of the time.
  • You want someone who goes over and above what they promise.

Your wedding day should not be a "photo shoot" but rather a documentation of everything happening around you. You'll trust that I'll be there, somewhere in the room, documenting everything that is happening around you.....without being in the way or being intrusive to allow you to enjoy your day as it's meant to play out.
Yes, I am completely qualified and experienced with the unpredictable ever changing never know what's going to happen wedding days.
  • Art Diploma from BealArt with a major in photography
  • Photography Degree from Sheridan College
  • WPPI Conference every year where I attend multiple workshops to better my skills and business performance.
  • Member of Creative Live tutorials and online workshops
  • Member of the Wedding School for tutorials and online workshops
It's important to keep current and hone my skills, but nothing teaches me more than working on a wedding day and figuring out how to get the best possible images with the light that I am given.
We have a top of the line drone that we use for unique photography at Muskoka Resorts. Waterfront venues are ideal ceremony locations for drone photographs. We may use the drone for your walk down the aisle, a unique vantage point during your wedding vows, or creative photographs during your portrait session. Depending on your venue and weather on the day of ...... the options are endless for photographs your friends and family will surely be jealous of.

I document wedding days in a very journalistic style and we tend to be hands-off and unobtrusive. We'll likely place you in the best light and let the moments happen as they are meant to. We will occasionally ask you to stop for a portrait if we see great light in a fabulous location and you would want that too, but otherwise we photograph the day as it plays out.

I bring an assistant with me to all day weddings. My assistant photographer acts as an assistant first and photographer second. They will provide lighting and equipment assistance and general organizing of the day. They will also photograph during the key parts of the day such as a mini groom prep session pre-ceremony, a different vantage point during ceremony, guest captures and grip & grins during cocktail hour.

I have spent the last 2 decades shooting weddings on my own as a solo photographer, and have since added several associate photographers to my team. While I photograph most weddings as a solo photographer there are special circumstances were 2 photographers is beneficial. Elaborate weddings with multiple locations and multiple events in a day need a second photographer for logistical reasons. 1 photographer for the groom and 1 photographer for the bride and most times when the number of guests exceeds 200 multiple photographers are needed.
I get asked all the time about why my images don't look the same. Your wedding day is comprised of multiple locations. Indoors and outdoors, sunny or cloudy day and with that comes all types of lighting situations.
I care about every image and how it looks. I try to stay true to the way your day looked on that day. I will not add a filter to all your photos and make them look the same because I believe in editing every image I deliver. I also believe your wedding photos should have a natural skin tone and classic true colours. If you love a style of editing more than another.....please let me know and I can customize the look just for you.
Yes, every image has been hand-edited one at a time and the editing is done by me. Editing images is a huge part of why you hire a photographer which is why I do not batch edit or mass-produce your wedding images.
We are experienced in taking the photos & editing. Editing is extremely important and it's the difference between getting all the images or just the ones that are exposed correctly. If your photographer is not an image editor they will most likely discard images that are not technically exposed properly. A photography editor such as myself will save images from the delete pile by creatively editing the image especially if the moment warrants it into a fine art photo.

I live in Meaford, Ontario just North of Collingwood which is where my studio is. I've been all over the world to photograph weddings such as Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Amsterdam, Italy, France, Greece and Southern Caribbean. I am a destination wedding specialist with tons of experience in travelling for weddings. I am very comfortable travelling for business and you can rest assured that when you hire me to fly to your wedding, you'll get an experienced destination photographer.
Weddings in Canada do not have travel fees, but the occasional overnight hotel cost may apply depending on how early your wedding day begins.

I offer zero km travel fees for weddings across CANADA. With the recent inflation situation gas cost may play a huge factor in out of town weddings. I will bill gas accordingly and under special circumstances.
I want to travel and photograph weddings and events in unique locations. Therefore, special circumstances may apply for zero travel cost. I have been known to photograph weddings in Europe for accommodations only.
Please contact for custom quote.

Absolutely! The entire gallery is edited in colour with a select few where the moment is great but the lighting not so much......i'll make it BW.
I'm more than happy to deliver all the images in colour and BW if you wish. We are true BW film lovers and delivering a full gallery in a film inspired custom edit would make us truly happy if you appreciate the art too.
Online galleries are posted within 6-8 weeks of the wedding date. A printed proof book is available upon request $.
You will receive a digital download LINK to download all your hi resolution images 3 months after the event with NO WATERMARKS.
You also have access to a full download of watermarked images for your social media.
If you wish to purchase a backup USB it will arrive as fast as the postal service can get it to you.
All albums will begin the custom design once we receive your favourites list in your proofing gallery.
The Highlight Slideshow will arrive when ready. We rely on your favourites list for the slideshow.
The number of photographs taken depends on the number of guests, hours of coverage, type of event.
TRADITIONAL photographers following a shot list average a photograph a minute with a minimum of 500 images.
A JOURNALISTIC photographer, since we are capturing everything that is happening around us, will usually deliver 700-900 images.
If you are having a lively wedding you will have a lot more to photograph, but if your wedding is intimate and relaxed you will have less activity therefore less images.
The raw, unedited files aren't available for viewing or purchase. I have high standards and the images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards and everything else is deleted. Please rest assured that any images not delivered truly was not frame worthy. We provide unlimited number of images and do not edit to a certain number so every viable image is edited and uploaded to your gallery.
Yes! Absolutely all the edited photos are included in every collection. You'll receive a full set of hi-resolution images & a full set of low resolution images to easily share on social media.
They are not! However, you can download web-sized images with a watermark for sharing to social media.
When a photographer includes a "copyright release" in their contracts, all it means is. you have the right to print the images at whatever lab you wish.
It's not same as getting the copyright. Copyright means that I'm the creator of the images therefore they belong to me. I own the copyright to all the images I create. I do not sell the "copyright" so obtaining copyright of your wedding images is not possible, but you will have the ability to print and share your images as much as you like.
The images delivered to your proofing gallery are ALL the images that were worthy of viewing and purchasing. The photos selected for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards and all other images are not archived. Rest assured that all the images not delivered truly are not worth seeing.
Your digital files are hosted and delivered via your own proofing gallery. This is also a shopping cart system to order prints and products. We highly recommend ordering your prints from our lab to ensure the highest quality and colour rendering. Of course, you also have the option to order prints at any lab you choose. We cannot guarantee the quality of any prints that are not created through our trusted lab. We can certainly recommend labs for printing if you choose that route. Mexico Photograph of Wedding Dress on Resort Rooftop
A few months before your wedding I will send you a questionnaire covering the wedding day timeline. You can provide a "shot list" of family members, but you know them best so we found a system that works really really well. After your ceremony immediate family members will be directed to the family photo location. As a new couple you will be present in every image, therefore all you need to do is ask people to join and I will photograph each group. Do you have college or work friends you want to be photographed with then let us know and we will try and make sure you get those images either during posed family photos or throughout cocktail hour. Please remember, you have trusted me to capture your day as it unfolds naturally with a journalistic style and additional time spent on numerous family groupings and gathering guests for photos will take away from documenting the family dynamic as it happens.
I have a team of photographers ready to photograph any event. I guarantee my eyes and talent at your wedding unless you choose an associate photographer. I hand pick all my associate photographers to make sure they take care of all my clients like I would. My clients trust me to send the very best because it's my name on the line after all. Associate photographers are all pros with years of experience running their own businesses. Now, they just shoot for other photographers instead of running a business, doing consults and editing.
The images on the website and blog galleries are recent images you will receive on your wedding day and reflect my style. Beautiful, emotional images that reflect moments from your day. If what you're looking for is a more staged style of photography with evenly lit images then you may need to find a flash oriented photographer that stages your portraits. I use a great deal of shadow, light and contrast in my natural light images as well as my flash/lit images during the receptions. Please make sure that you look through all of my sample galleries provided when you inquire to make sure that the style you see in the galleries reflects the style that you want for your wedding day photography.
I don't attend rehearsals unless you would like it photographed. We will talk about the timing of your day and the flow of your event around the ceremony. Not attending your rehearsal does not impact your coverage in any way.
Locations in large cities usually require permits for all the best photography locations. However, as a pro photographer we can create beautiful images anywhere and permits are rarely required. If you have a location that you dreamed of having wedding portraits at then we'll do everything we can to make it happen. The permits will need to be obtained by the client not the photographer. If you have questions about a location, just let me know and I will help you figure out if a permit is needed.
The wedding album will be one of your greatest possessions for future generations to see. I love creating wedding albums for every one of my clients. After I upload your wedding to the proofing gallery, I will begin your album design process. The album is created with the flow of the day in mind and it's easily edited by you online. You'll have the opportunity to remove and add images through the online album proofing system we have in place and this can easily be done from the comfort of your home.
We have a great system in place for all our clients that includes a proofing gallery with a shopping cart attached.
This means you'll have a place to go and review all your invoices and wedding day details.
You'll also be able to see all your images from the engagement session and the wedding day all in one place.
The proofing gallery allows you to choose favourites and prints can be ordered directly from our preferred pro lab.
The proofing gallery is also available to anyone you share the link with so that they can order prints too without you having to do any of the work
Yes, I do! I love engagement session and it's a great way for us to meet in person and get you comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day.
Please be aware that all engagement and portrait sessions are scheduled Monday - Thursday because of my heavy wedding schedule with the occasional Sunday availability.
Sessions are photographed with 1.5 hours driving distance from my current location in Meaford. We have beautiful waterfronts, mountains, and city scapes available for your portraits.
I'm available to travel outside the limit if you have another location in mind, but travel rates will apply. Sessions are shot around 3PM in the winter months and 2 hours before sunset during the other seasons.
Absolutely! Whatever lighting situation comes our way, we are prepared to handle it using the best equipment ready to handle any low light and flash equipment to handle difficult lighting situations.
We have photographed entire getting ready photos in a windowless room using only a video light.....stunning.
We capture stunning night photos with video light and off camera flash
We can create beautiful portraits in your venue with flash and video light if you run out of daylight
We can manage any type of lighting situation and create gorgeous portraits anywhere.

I photograph weddings in a very journalistic style. While i'm very hands off and unobtrusive in my coverage of your wedding day, I believe there's a time and place for gorgeous family formals and beautiful images of the two of you together.
I will ask for an hour with the two of you alone away from your wedding party and guests in order to get you those gorgeous images you see on my website. I also believe that photographing all your guests and fabulous details is just as important. My guest captures are almost 100% journalistic therefore, I will not be interrupting anyone or asking tables to pose for photographs. I would much rather photograph you with your family and friends having a great time drinking and laughing and dancing.
For Sure! I believe family formals to be one of the most important part of your wedding day. This is the time when all the people you love come together and it's a perfect opportunity to get those gorgeous professional photos of your family. I highly recommend, if possible, that your family formals be done immediately after the ceremony. This is the time when family expects to be photographed and rarely will we have to go searching for someone or wait for someone like we would if it was prior to the ceremony. These groupings are quick and done in an efficient system that has worked for me for years. No list required!!
If what you're looking for is a more evenly lit or very bright images then I may not be the photographer for you. I use a great deal of shadow and light in my available light images as well as in my OCF/flash images. Please make sure that the images you see on my website are the images you love and that style reflects what you want for your wedding day images.
I'd prefer you didn't .....and let me explain why. It's very helpful to know what specific groupings you may want of extended family formals, but repeated request for posed images and having me work off a "check list" will greatly impede my journalistic style and documentary coverage of your wedding day. If i'm busy checking things off a list and gathering people for groupings I will not be photographing the moments happening around me or documenting your day as it's happening. I will likely be capturing all those images you want anyways without prompting. I want to create images for you from naturally occurring moments that are unique to you.
Bridesmaids Pink Dresses:  Thornbury Wedding Photographer

Business Details

I often asked business related questions about working as a photographer. This section includes all the questions and answers from legal to food.

Absolutely! Yes 1000% yes!!
I use pro gear by Nikon and extensive amount of backup gear also by Nikon. I will bring with me to every wedding day:
Nikon Z6II + adapter for G lenses
Nikon D850 x 2
Nikon D4
Spider Holster
Nikon SB900 flash x2
Godox Flash x4
4 light stands
Lowel GL1 video light
Light panels x2
Multiple batteries for each camera and flash unit
Over abundant amount of CF, SD and XQD cards
35MM lens
85MM lens
105MM macro lens
28-105MM macro lens
24-70MM lens x2
70-200mm Z lens
70-200mm lens x2

IMAC 27" Desktop Computer
Macbook Pro 13"
Iphone 8 x2
Drobo 5N Storage System x2
Synology NAS Backup System
Backblaze Cloud Backup
New Honda CRV Sport to never let me down
Nissan Merano as backup vehicle
UBER if I need it

I also require my assistants to bring all of their gear and backup gear.
Absolutely! I will require advance notice for the insurance company to provide the paperwork. All venues have different requirements so please feel free to have them get in touch with me for any further details or needs.....I will happily work with them to meet their needs.
I've been in business since 1999 and I have photographed 100's of weddings and counting. I love every single one of them too.....the weddings in churches, on beaches, in parks, at the waterfront, in canoes, on mountains, in the rain, in the snow and severe weather too. It is a responsibility I take very seriously every time I'm commissioned to photograph a wedding. I'm honoured.....truly! and still pinch myself every time someone trusts me with their memories.
A retainer/booking fee of $1000 + Hst is required to reserve your date. 50% is due 6 months after booking and the balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. I accept booking on a first come first serve basis and all subsequent same day booking will be photographed by an associate photographer.
I will require full payment before the wedding day. Overtime, album upgrades, or additional products over and above your wedding photography contract, however, are all due post-wedding. If you would like to discuss a month to month plan please feel free to bring it up during our initial consultation.
The retainer fee and all amounts paid are non-refundable & non-transferable. The retainer fee guarantees my arrival at your wedding and the date is exclusively for you once you've signed the contract and I do turn down all other commissions for that date.
I have a system in place where, if anything were to happen to me, my large team of associate photographers is ready and able to photograph your wedding day. I'm also a member of many networking groups and associations that are available on a moments notice to jump in their cars and arrive at your wedding to cover for me.
I have yet to miss a wedding in over 2 decades. I believe in arriving an hour early to every event and you'll likely find me in my car waiting in the parking lot. This also allows me an hour lee-way if anything were to happen to me on the way to the wedding. I have been sick leading up to a wedding and that is why I make sure I have a system in place. On this specific day.....I arrived to the wedding with a photographer to replace me and once I feel that everything is taken care of and photographed, I will then excuse myself and go home to rest.
The sooner the better or you risk having to go with one of my fabulous associate photographers instead of me. Since I can't "pencil" you in or "hold" a date I recommend you book ASAP.
Of course! I only schedule 1 event per day, so I'm yours until you want me to leave. We will have a pre-determined wedding day timeline for you, but schedules change and wedding days are extremely unpredictable. The overtime rates will only be charged upon your approval and will end when my team leaves your venue. I'll bill you for those hours a couple of days after the event.
Absolutely, you can ask! Occasionally, we offer discounts based on time of year, my travel schedule and availability. If you have a budget you would like to work within....please let me know and we'll see what we can customize for you.
It would be really great for our energy levels if you did, but it's not mandatory. Providing us with a meal during dinner service allows us to stop when you stop and rebuild our energy so that we can keep going for your reception shenanigans!!
Absolutely! I welcome it often! During family formals, I do ask that you stay behind me so that all eyes are towards my lens, but snap away. Unfortunately, I don't allow friends or family to come along during bride and groom alone photos for privacy purposes but sometimes it can be distracting for the couple to have someone other than me come along.
First, anyone who photographs weddings and anyone who wants to be an associate for me is required to have PRO equipment with dual card slots. It's not if it happens, but when it happens and it will happen where all of a sudden you get an ERROR or a card CORRUPTION happens. I have 3 cameras with me on any given day and no less than 10 memory cards with me at all times.

Some photographers may say that's excessive, but boy I'm sure glad I have it when an issues comes up.
The key is to be able to roll with the punches and switch out gear without the wedding couple knowing there was ever an issue to begin with.

This is the main reason I only shoot with dual card slot cameras as an instant backup if a card or camera becomes corrupted.
Another fail safe I highly believe in is using 64gb cards in each camera which will almost always get me through a wedding day without switching out cards. I've heard countless times where photographers misplaced cards because they purchase smaller, less expensive gb cards and misplaced cards when removing them from the camera.

When using large capacity memory cards, the memories never leave my camera until they are ejected and uploaded to an external hard drive.
This is tough question to answer, but basically my pricing reflects my abilities, my education and my experience photographing 100's of weddings. It's taken me years and years!!

Do you want a photographer with a camera to just take pictures all day?
Do you want a photographer who knows what lens to use and when to expect the moments. A photographer experienced in the unplanned and unexpected that is a wedding day.
  1. the one who knows when your dad is going to cry
  2. the one who knows how your mom will react doing up your dress
  3. the one who knows that when you're laughing with your girls is the photo you're going to want.
  4. the photographer who is capable of photographing everything even when your timeline falls apart and you miss bride and groom solo portraits.

You take 3 things away from your wedding day.....
your rings. your husband. your photos.

Wedding Couple Walking Down Stairs:  Toronto Knox College

No I don't......here's why. If a photographer needs to go to your site for a visit that would indicate inexperience. A seasoned photographer works with the light they are given. The light on the site visit will be completely different than the light on your wedding day as well as different times of day and seasons. I often do research online to see what locations at your venue are used in portraits and go from there. If I've never been to your venue, I will arrive early and do a thorough walk thru at that time.
We highly recommend a clutter free room! This is crucial for beautiful clean photos. Get a spacious suite or rent a condo from AirBNB for the day (many times a lot cheaper ) If you are planning on getting a hotel room for the wedding night and using it for the bridal preparations, make sure you get a suite. Keep the space with the most light spotless and use the other room for hair makeup and bridesmaids stuff.
  • hang your dress
  • hang your veil
  • put your shoes near the dress
  • have your rings ready
  • jewellery ready
  • heirlooms nearby
  • invitations ready
  • flowers should be here too
  • bridesmaids dresses
**** your mom or bridesmaids need to be READY! dressed/hair/makeup before YOU! ****
They will be helping you into your gown and shoes and should be dressed and ready to be photographed helping you.

In spite of what you have heard; there really is no right or wrong way to do it. We have successfully documented weddings with, or without a first look. However, my experience has shown me that if a couple elects to do a first look, we can usually fit in an extra 45 minutes just for bride & groom portraits. It is your big day and you will choose how you will remember the day! It is about a 50/50 split for my couples. Half of them will choose the more traditional route, and half will opt for first look. I tend to ask the grooms this question. They usually have a strong opinion about seeing the bride walking down the aisle as the first look.
Fall and Winter weddings almost always need a first look as most portraits are taken before the ceremony since it gets dark so early.
*** Family Formals PRIOR TO CEREMONY ***
Here is where the chaos happens. You need to STRESS to immediate family to be in a certain area at the assigned time for family formals. You will not have time to chase people or wait for anyone who is late arriving.
For this reason alone we highly recommend family formals follow the ceremony.
For family formals I like to keep it under 20 minutes. That is usually doable if everybody cooperates and sticks around right after the ceremony. Please communicate this to your DJ or the officiant. They should make an announcement at the end of the ceremony for the bridal party and immediate family to stay for photos. This really helps to move the groupings along and cut the time down to a minimum.
The venue and all the decors, flowers, place settings, are perhaps the most expensive items on your wedding budget. And, I’m sure you have allocated a big chunk of budget on making the reception and ceremony areas to be impeccable. My team will need approximately 15-20 minutes in order to shoot all the details. We are talking about the overall room empty and free of guests and event staff, centre pieces, cake, favours, flowers, dessert table, guest signing table, etc.. We will need the area completely sectioned off from guests so we can get a ‘clean’ shot of the area. All of my clients appreciate this, because otherwise they would never know what the reception area looks like! Please work with the coordinator to have all the decorations done before start of cocktail hour.
** important ** venues really fight you on this and tend to ignore it.......

The best time for us to eat dinner is when the bride & groom are eating. This is not because we like to eat before everybody else I promise! When you guys are done eating, and are getting up visiting tables, saying hi to guests, I want to make sure my whole team is available. This is also crucial for your venue to be aware of so that they don't seat us in ANOTHER ROOM. This happens more often than not and a lot will get missed if we are away from you eating our dinner. So we typically eat while you are eating and we are done when you guys are finished as well. This will help to achieve a fuller coverage of your wedding reception.
Venues will always try and put your photographers and videographers/DJ in another room or offer vendor meals to your hard working photo teams.
We love special surprises at weddings! Please send us everything you are planning that is not the typical formality, and we will do our absolute best to capture it.
Surprises or additional entertainment will also impede on your timeline. If we are not notified of additional activities additional hours of photography coverage may be needed.
The first dance is so special to capture, but what will make it even better is if YOU CHANGE YOUR ARM POSITIONS throughout the dance. Don't keep you arms around his neck because then I can't see your faces. Start at his neck then slide your arms down his arms, then for the kiss at the end put your hands on his face around the back of his head. If you a planning a choreographed first dance please let your photographers know in advance.
Everyone has yellowing of the teeth.....it's normal. But, add a white dress or a dark suit and yellow teeth stand out a lot more. A week before the wedding day grab a box of Crest White Strips and use them for the week. You will be shocked at the difference it will make in your photos when you both have stunning smiles.
Speeches get ruined by podiums and microphones stands in your faces. REMOVE THE PODIUM and place a free standing microphone at the end of your table.
Make sure to tell your venue about this request.
These tips will help you get the best possible images on your wedding day.
Tell your bridal party to remove sunglasses from their heads, cell phones should be in jacket pockets, and keep hair ties off the wrists.

Advise your DJ's and Bands to set up away from your head table. Especially in small rooms or tented events. DJ's set up their large speakers or table next to the head table and they WILL be in all your photos.

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