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Wedding Getting Ready Tips

I love starting the day documenting getting ready photos of you and your wedding party and family.

What Happens at Getting Ready?

I arrive at the getting ready location and introduce myself to family members and wedding crew. I will begin photographing the tail end of hair and/or makeup. As I look around I take mental notes where the best light is and find out where the bride's dress, rings, flowers, accessories, heirlooms and paper details are so I can get them ready to be photographed.

This tends to be the time of day when the most emotional photos are taken......

Hair and Makeup Photos

The hair and makeup stage of your day is not usually photographed from the beginning. We usually show up at the tail end of your hair and makeup and photograph the last minute touches. We will then begin to photograph the day as it unfolds with your best friends or family in a journalistic style.

Tip: Hair and Makeup IS the number 1 reason you may or may not run late for your wedding ceremony. This is definitely the part of the day where you may want to pad the timing by adding 30 minutes to the schedule.

Detail Photos

Allow 30 minutes

I will usually start with the dress and locate the perfect light and backdrop for this image. Sometimes, depending on locations, we may ask to take your dress to an epic scene or beautiful light then if time allows we'll photograph all the other details.

  1. the dress
  2. the ring
  3. the paper details
  4. the shoes
  5. the accessories

Getting Ready Photos

Allow 60 minutes


The room where you plan on getting dressed should be clutter free and neat. The bed should be made and all of your belongings should be put away in a closet or another room. If I need to tidy a room before I begin shooting that will take away from documenting what is happening with your friends and family. Yes, I can get creative and shoot around a mess, but that will limit the angles I shoot if I'm trying not to have suitcases and makeup in your getting ready photos.

book a suite in your getting ready hotel and keep the bedroom neat and tidy and the living room cluttered with all your things........

Whatever type of morning you're having we will be there to document it and everyone with you.

Photography Ideas

Plan on doing fun things with your wedding party on the morning of your wedding such as giving them a gift, opening mini bottles of individual champagne or providing them with matching robes. These are all great photography opportunities to capture with your wedding day crew.

- the entourage of numerous bridesmaids with matching robes, champagne toasts and jumping on bed photos

- the bride and her mom & sister having a quiet morning and a relaxed getting ready

- the bride and groom getting dressed together

Tried and True Moments

  1. getting dressed with your mom or best friends
  2. putting on all your accessories and shoes
  3. mom and you moments
  4. portrait
  5. reading a letter or note to each other
  6. parent first look

........your wedding crew need to be ready before you get dressed so they look fabulous when they are photographed helping you.

Remember we are not responsible for any items or personal fashion choices your wedding crew displays. Please remember to remind them about removing hair ties from wrists, cell phones in pocket( this is a big one for the boys), excessive jewellery, or sunglasses on head ( boy issue here as well )to name a few.

We will do our best to catch any of these and more when we can, but it's always best if you get in front of this sooner rather than an added expense to remove items from photos later.


Allow 5 minutes

We ask for 5 minutes alone with the bride to photograph a beautiful portrait. Many photographers no longer produce these timeless images and I think they are one of the most important of your day. We photograph this image immediately after you are finished getting ready when your makeup and hair is perfect. We also ask for this time to be alone with the bride and photographer only. This allows the bride to have 5 minutes to breathe and collect her thoughts before heading out to the first look or ceremony.

The Other Crew Location

Travelling to two different locations for getting ready photos can eat up a lot of your wedding day timeline. You may only be 10 minutes drive apart, but remember we will need to pack up our gear, drive to new location and hope for no traffic or road issues, unpack our gear and get ready to photograph and all of this takes more time than you think.

I highly recommend that you choose a hotel and get ready in separate rooms, or an Airbnb with two floors where you can stay separated. Yes, if you added on a second photographer for your day then getting ready in two locations will work just fine. But, I still prefer to photograph both of you myself and it's easier if you're in the same location.

Tried and True Moments

  1. photographing your fiances details when I arrive
  2. documenting the goings on with your fiance and their wedding crew
  3. fiance getting dressed with parents or best person
  4. accessorizing is always great for photos.....boutonnieres placed by parent or tie help from parent
  5. attendant gifts
  6. reading a letter or not to each other
  7. parent first look
  8. fiances portrait

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